Wednesday, April 30, 2014

we skipped to after party.

Just a series of pictures that I wanna share online about my uni life. My uni mates are definitely cooler than yours.

We skipped prom and straight away went after party in the club.

Another chapter in life , and I bet this is going to be one of the best.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jibby & Co.

It has been awhile since I put on a dress and make up to have a girly night out. The girls and I normally meet each other at least once every week , but we were too carried away by assignments and hectic uni life. 

It's really nice that we could dress up from time to time , and feel pretty about ourselves even if it is just for a 2 hours dinner. I used to do this like every single day, but right now I don't have a chance to anymore. 

What do you think about my new lip colour ?

They have a lot of new cafes and nice place for dinner around subang area. I am so glad that we are slowly progressing into a better state in cuisine part. Even if I still love the part where we sit around the round table with the red table cloth place over in an open area place , it's still nice to dine in with fine food. Actually, this is the only chance for us to look pretty in pictures so yeah. 

This time, we went over to Jibby & Co. 

As you can see, the pricing is pretty high. 

But the environment was a big bonus, it's all beautiful . 

And I don't matter so I'll show you the food.

Popcorn Chicken Salted egg, which is really yummy. The portion is really small. Anyways, this is an appetizer.

Summer Salad, at RM25.

Don't ask , I was pretty pissed at the portion . Yet, I couldn't finish it. 

Pizza .

The pricing for different kind of pizza is from RM 28-38 , which I think is really worth it because the portion is huge. This could be an option for sharing. What more is, it tasted really good. 

Fluffy 'O's 

Homemade donuts with sugar icing sprinkled on top, and chocolate for sidelines. It's definitely not fluffy enough. The donuts might be in mini size but it's really filling because they didn't play cheat on the ingredients.

I will give a lot of thumbs for the environment and the service. The food was good , actually but the expectation I have with the pricing they place together didn't meet. Perhaps the next time, I will actually return for the cakes because I hear of great reviews. 

And ootd ,


selfie with my girls.

till then.

Friday, April 25, 2014

So that I forget about you.

I do this over and over until I fall asleep, because it keeps my mind from wandering. When I wake up, my mind automatically goes to you, not because I want it to, but because I can’t help it.

Sometimes, all it takes is a good drive with the windows down to make the pain disappear. Sometimes it takes a cross-country road trip. Sometimes even that doesn’t help. 
Sometimes I feel like I could drive from here till the other end and back three times and I’d still feel crippled by the pain that comes when I think of you.

I always say yes whenever anyone asks me to hang out, because maybe it’ll be a good distraction, and maybe it’ll help me to forget.  

I usually end up at the café, and I spend money I don’t have on what’s usually my third cup of coffee of the day — that’s another I thing I do instead of think of you — and I sit by the window, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. 

I drink too much coffee and I eat too much. Food is my drug of choice; when I’m eating, I concentrate on the flavor of the food and nothing else. I drink cup after cup of coffee, thankful for the many different places scattered throughout the town where I can get ahold of coffee at almost any hour of the day.I drink too much coffee because when I’m drinking it, I don’t think of you.

I also spend a lot of time contemplating the idea of love and what it really means, and sometimes, I get confused and convince myself that it doesn't exist, kind of like when you say a word over and over again until it loses all meaning. I think that’s what happened. You said it over and over again until it lost all its meaning. But I don’t think about that, I think of the concept because the concept effects the entire population of the world, not just you and me. 

I do little things every day to keep myself from thinking of you; I go out of my way to avoid spots where we spent time together and I often waste time to ensure our paths won’t cross.

These are not things I necessarily like to do, 
but they are the things I have to do in order to forget about you. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

you can't make someone love you.

I’m too young to fully understand what love is, but I’ve gathered enough to know a little bit about what love isn’t.
I think a lot of times we want to convince ourselves that we are in love. We want to have that magical feeling, but what we’re missing is that it’s not something you can control. It’s not something that you can just make happen.
I think one of the biggest mistakes we ever make is believing that we can change someone or the way they feel about us. Maybe it’s human nature. Maybe it’s hopefulness. Whatever it is, we need to stop doing it.

It’s simple. You can’t make someone love you.

Honestly, if we stopped trying to change people to fit into that special place in our hearts, it may be a whole lot easier to find them, or have them find us.
I think I may have figured love out, at least a little bit.
Never try to make someone love you, no matter how much you want to. The love we truly want and the love we deserve does not need to be forced.

You can’t make someone love you;
you just have to trust that someone will. 

from thought catalog.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Caffe Bene.

Caffe Bene has been a hype ever since it first arrive Malaysia , where the first outlet is located at Sunway Pyramid. The queue is always crazy and so, I'm glad that they opened their second outlet in Solaris. Even if there is a queue , it was bearable unless you decided to visit them on weekends or at night.

I've been to Caffe Bene more than once thus, there are a few items for me to review.

Bingsu, is famous in Korea for the dessert section. 

Cookies and Cream Bingsu , which is red bean topped with shaved ice , ice cream and generous amount of whipped cream ( oh my god) . 

They have in two size - regular and large. Regular is sufficient for 3 person , and the large could feed almost 5-6 person unless you eat like a dino ( like me).  The regular ones is at the price of RM 10.80. 

Matcha Bingsu , which was a little sweeter but still good. This have to be a sharing portion because it's too sweet. I like the generous amount of nuts they have on top. 

Honey Bread , which was really good . It's at the price of RM15 which is considered pretty pricey for a piece of thick toast . It's really filling thus, it'll be worth it if you have this as lunch .

They also have the garlic topping for honey bread which is savoury . I think it'll be more preferable compared to the one in the picture above. 

Gelato Waffle , which is at RM 15. 

The portion is extremely unacceptable for the price but the waffle is really good - heavenly crispy. 

This is such a bad picture of me, but I needed my face with these goodness.

I can't wait for the opening of the the third outlet in the new mall near my uni , located right beside Digital Mall. 

sweet dreams.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Loaf.

Just another day where I meet up with Xiuming for brunch. I think I'm the healthiest with her around because we meet up in the day. And because of that, I wake up early and I have the whole day to do whatever I want . Mostly, I'll just lazed around or maybe take a nap - so in the end, I'm still as helpless as ever.

We settled down at The Loaf at Empire , because we have no idea where to go. 

Yes, we didn't finish it.

I seriously don't get why are we always so greedy when it comes to food?

I recommend this croissant which is on the menu . 

It's salmon tuna feeling and it was amazing. I didn't know that this set will come with fries , so it's worth it. 

we are slaves to caffeine. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

Supreme x Champion Satin Jacket

I don't usually do fashion post , and I think it takes alot of time and effort because I'm as lazy as *insert the laziest thing you know* . But the other day, I just get hardworking because I love the jacket alot .

I don't really buy street style clothes because I am not sure how to pull it off so it doesn't look like I am wearing my PJs. I am really jealous of the girls that can pull off oversize tee and sneakers. Oh well, the sadness of not having nice legs. 

Supreme ,
 is one of my favorite brand. 

Supreme is a brand from New York, which has the same age as me . They started from year 1994 and now, still going on strong. I know that people talk about A&F , Hollister when it comes to US brands especially basic tees. I prefer Supreme the best out of all of them. 

I really like it when Supreme collaborates with different brands , and release designs in quotas. It's pointless to spend so much and see everyone having the same tee. Besides quality , quantity do matters - in this way.

Oh well, my concept towards that didn't matter .

I did a mini shoot with Supreme x Champion Satin Jacket . 

Tell me the jacket is beautiful. 

But unfortunately, the weather in Malaysia doesn't allow us to wear thicker varsity jackets. 

Incase you think I'm naked ,

This outfit goes well with a pairs of sneakers and I don't think I am suitable in sneakers.

I have never do such street style before because I think I can't pull it off . But I think, I at least don't look awkward here. So, tell me about your opinions. 

I think a nice basic jacket is a must in your wardrobe because it's easy to match. 

It could go with 

Tank top + shorts + sneakers 

Tshirt + skinny jeans + heels

Mini dress + sneakers

Oversize shirt + shorts + sneakers

I could list out a few more coordinate but it's almost repetitive. Thus, you would need to use your imagination to match the four basic coordinates I have with the jacket you have.

till then.