Friday, November 26, 2010

Party like it's 2012

How long have I not updated my blog properly?

It's not exactly my fault.

Blame these monsters.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaai *kahming style* hyunjoong darl *flip hair.* how're you doing today? *blow kisses*


YUNGHWA OPPA *screeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaam* Na jeongmar jeongmar chu aah eeh yoo :D

*take a deep breath. breathe in breathe out.*


*Take oxygen tank* sho kewwt :D

Ah, where got time to blog!

Okay fine, I lied.
I have been spending more time on hyunjoong
since he's my new love for nao!
And of course, he's not gonna push calbaby
down and take the No 1 seat in my heart,
I feel a bit guilty saying this but yeah,
I think couldn't lor. Don't you think so?

For one mo ,
I feel like flying to korea nao
and see them.
How crazy but yeaaah, fantasy.

Okay , forget about it!

On Monday.

Fongkheikhei, shininnnnng, er son in law
came over to my place and then, we
went over to pyramid to have MCD's

Brought my younger bro and sis along
since there will be noone at home sho yeah.

At cotton on ;

I came out with nothing!
And, I got emo D:

Went to APT for a hairwash
since I have a bad hair day.
33BUCKS maaan.

aw (; EUGENIE.

Back home,
rush to get ready and everything.
Put on eyeshadows and eyeliner.

Before anything ,
my mum taught me that putting on
light make up when you go out is a
manners to people and to event.
I don't get it why people make a fuss
about putting on make up when others putting on
make up aite.

At least, I showed that I am respecting the event.

Take note ;
if you couldn't stand me with make up,
might as well don't go out with me .

My mum taught me all these,
I'm obeying her for god sake.

Fongkheikhei, Shining and I in a cab.

good hair day, good nail polish day , good make up day = good day!

twenty minutes later , we reached Pavillion.
And we saw bumblebee wth.
So we go and take picture with it ,
acting like our husband or boyf owns it.

Meet up with the others ,
and off we go , walking around.


Headed to Jogoya around 6pm
with the others.

Starhill is mad scary .
You just have no idea how quiet it is.
Only high heels sound could be heard,

Oh well.

Group picture.

The food was only okay.
Yes, okay.

Personally, I think Tenji is better.
Plus, Tenji have more variety.
Well, the companion that matters right.

Fongkheikhei, AGAIN .

Left the restaurant round 830.
Have I mention that I actually tapao-ed food out.
10gramme is 30bucks and I think, there's a kg in it.
Oh well, once it's a life time :D

Starhill toilet (Y)

We went insane and then tried catwalking on the runway
at starhill. It might be embarrassing but it's hell fun I swear :D

Left starhill around 1030pm.

Dragged myself back with killer heels.

And I'm so sorry that ,
I got to go nao..




Yunghwa oppa also not bad lor.hyunjoong oppa also not bad what :D



Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Fahrenheit .

Calvin Chen Yi Ru :D (;(;

Jiro Wang Dong Cheng.

CN Blue.

Jung Yung Hwa.


Kim Hyun Joong !
( new love xD)

Park Jung Min!!

And ,
these boys drive me crazy.

Sigh :/ Why are they so perfect?

Nothing much ,
It's just that when I dream , i dream about them being prince charming sitting on the white horse infront of the white castle waving to me.

I love all of them ;')

I wanna go Taiwan and Korea NAO.

Hyun Joong is my new love fyi.

hyunjoong-ing nao!

p.s he's coming on the 4th at pavillion. Who's with me?