Sunday, February 21, 2010

I wanna play it cool but I'm losing you.

Before anything , I like

1901 hotdogs


McD's apple pie :)

Other than that, I think these macro shots
is awesome and this pictures are from
34719141294619461 days ago.

And yes, I'm here to update my blog.
I don't think I wanna elaborate much tho.
Okay it's just an excuse for me because
I don't really remember what happened TT

I've been going to Sunway Pyramid like
4 days in a row and gosh, it's so boring already.
Was suppose to be out today , too
but there are some personal stuff for me to do
and so the plan's called off . Thankgod.

It is a good thing living near Sunway Pyramid ,
Now I wonder ?

Last time I was so happy that I live so near
and now , I hope I live a bit further and so
I can give excuses like ,'I don't have transport'.
Alot of people like to give this reason
and when others offer them transport,
they find another reason to not go .

Okay enough said .

Febuary 18 , Thrusday.

Woke up around 11am and got ready.
Have a date with Mingli & ZhiWei :)

They were suppose to come over to my house
and collect some red packets but plans keep
changing and everything so I end up at
Sunway Pyramid meeting them up there.

ZhiWei & I went to the cinema and got
tickets for Valentine's Day .

Then meet Mingli up then to TGIF for lunch
and we didnt finish our food.
Why is the bill so high everytime , ish.

Then walked around to shops and those.
End up in Tarbush
and those camwhore pictures.

No, we don't look good
but I still wanna post it up =p
Bad picture day , I guess.


Somehow I find this nice LOL.

After that , walked around and try to do some shopping.
Bought a dress from cotton on and was really happy :)

MingLi and didn't join us for the movie.
And Valentine's day was awesome . 8/10 :)

And, never watch movie with ZhiWei alone
because she's so annoying like omg.
Everyone was like staring at us when she shout
because taylor lautner was on the screen-.-

After the movie and then, we separated .

Febuary 19 , Friday .

I woke up around 2pm after receiving several texts
and my phone is like another edge of the room.
I can't reach it to shut it up , gr .

I woke up , got ready and all those shits.
Cynthia text me to rush me like mad
then I drew my eye with the eyeliner retardly
and wash it and draw again then she rush me.
Like omfg, it's so rush-y la !

Then faster walk and meet her up
then she made me walk to beehive -.-
People was there shishaing .
Indoor shisha , how cool right .

then we spilt and then to 1901 to get hotdogs
since it's only 3bucks . It's 3bucks on the 19
or every month ! cheap cheap cheap.

Then meet up the others in Tarbush.
And "EVERYBODY" was there .

Everybody = Cynthia , Sarah, Marus & I

When 'everybody' was there ,

Dont go and rotate it , I'll kill you if you do. gr.

Why is my eyes so watery , omg .

Cyn :)

I was kepoing what is inside >>

Marcus's very chio glasses .

So we were happily shishaing , camwhoring and all those shits
and suddenly a creepy music played.
We were like O.O

I was talking to cyn and the music play and this is the face , ftw.

Many people called and they asked almost the same question -.-

Like ,
"Where are you" " Naeb"
"Who are you with" "Everybody"

When I said "everybody" , the three of them there
was laughing like mad and hahaha , seriously more
and more people came. I always talk to them online
and now finally, I can meet them .
Okay la, it's not like I never meet before
but never talk before in real . haha .

Then everyone was like asking about the hottest topics
and what happened and all those shits.
We did spend sometime listening and talking about it.
Gosh, it's really fun and it tempted us to do
something really mean and bad but then,
something cut us off really badly .

Some pictures first .


Omg , this is so not cynthia : )

My stone face .

No No No, I didn't edit this .

( Y) I like

Yes, we stoned at Rainforest for a very long time.
Everybody was there . Not 'everybody' but everybody.
Coooool. I like this meet up feeling .
I think we should do it like once a month or something.

After that , we decided to head for dinner
but we didn't know what to eat and all those
so yeah.

Toilet breaks :)

Why is everyone's hair so brown ?

I potong-ed TT

And then neena , HAHAHAHAHA : )

I likey :)

Then we end up in SushiKing.
WE WERE SO LOUD ! and the whole sushi king
was like giving us the wtf stare .
With neena around , everything is so lively.

Okay we laughed over stupid things
and everything .

SriKL is getting quiet , don't you think so?
Many louds one left. I'm loud too and I'm not leaving , yet =p

After dinner, walked around .
Hang around at Kimgary then back home
around 10pm or later .

Sleep real late tho.

Febuary 20, Friday.

Woke up around 11am since I wanna go to toilet
and checked my phone and hell lot of
missed calls and texts from Yuhung.
Yes, I overslept -.-

Made him waited for an hour or so.
And no, he's not pissed =p

Got ready and everything.
Didn't have time to choose clothes and those.
Just simply grab something from the
cupboard and just go.

Went to cinema to get tickets for The Wolfman
then walked around , almost the whole mall
to look for lunch or so.

I wanted to go to Old Town White Coffee
but he didn't want so he brought me to
Dragon-i and I never been there before.
Noone intend to bring me there okay
so yeah and that place is really pretty.

Okay I just made myself sound like
I'm from a jungle or something TT


Odered quite alot of things for two of us
and we stuffed ourselves like mad.
Especially the titbits that cost 2bucks
and totally not worth it at all .

Yuhung asked me to eat the bowl too -.-
Because it's freaking expensive.
Imagine , 2bucks for that soya sauce-d peanuts
or whatever shit it's called .

Okay , I know I sound like I am
some kiamsiap pasar malam aunty
but seriously not worth it lor kay!

And the tissue was like 2bucks -.-
Okay , I should tell the wall LOL


this thing is awesome ! :)

After that , we went Giant then to cinema.
The show was just okay.

I expected more from the show tho.
It's not scary enough lor . Rate it 6/10 .

Went to Naeb, shishaed
then Nik and Mahathir joined us.
Then , Xuelin come by .

Yuhung left then we stoned and emo together.
Girls and the boys spilt .

Xuelin and I went to Pepper Lunch
and the food is good.

Mahathir and Nik come then left.
We both stoned in Starbucks till
my family come and fetch me out to dinner.

The moment I step into the car ,
My grandma start nagging.
Just imagine , from Sunway to Klang.
Can die, omg D:

I just kept quiet and text people.
And great, I couldn't reply anymore msges
because I'm totally out of credit now -.-

Seafood in klang , it was superb.

Kevin :)

: o

Gosh, I'm finally done.
This post took me very long .

Msn is being a bitch to me
because I couldn't sign in
and, I'm out of credit to text . ish ><

Till then, next post.


p.s you're so near yet so far.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You tried but not your best .

It's really late right now and I really wanna update about my outings these few days but there're too many pictures for me to resize and post up and everything.So, I decided to do it tmr but then, I feel like updating my blog but I'm too lazy to update such a long post today and also, it takes me for hours.I wanna sleep abit early tho.Okay, It's already past midnight -.- And OMFG tomorrow is sunday and I never like sunday during school days.I have mountains of homework to do because I have not been attending class since last last thrusday and I can't imagine the work I'm gonna get on Monday.Plus, my monthly test is on first of march. Oh great, I can say Hi to "F" now : /

And this song ;

如果我变成回忆 - Tank

累了 照惯例努力清醒着
lei le , zhao guan li nu li qing xing zhe
也照惯例 想你了
ye zao guan li xiang ni le
hao pa yi fang xin shei le
心跳在梦中 不听话的 就停止了
xin tiao zai meng zhong bu ting hua de jiu ting zi le

听着 呼吸像浪潮拍动着
ting zhe hu xi xiang lang chao pai dong zhe
yue mei li yue rang wo dan de
wo hai neng zhen xi shen me
如果我连自己的脉搏 都难掌握
ru guo wo lian zi ji de mai bo dou nan zhang wo

如果我变成回忆 退出了这场生命
ru guo wo bian cheng hui yi , tui chu le zhe chang sheng ming
留下你错愕哭泣 我冰冷身体 拥抱不了你
liu xia ni cuo an ku qi , wo bing leng shen ti yong bao bu liao ni
想到我让深爱的你 人海孤独旅行
xiang dao wo rang shen ai de ni , ren hai gu du lu xing
我会恨自己 如此狠心
wo hui hen ji zi ru ci hen xin

如果我变成回忆 终于没那么幸运
ru guo wo bian cheng hui yi , zong yu mei na me xing yun
没机会白着头发 蹒跚牵着你 看晚霞落尽
mei ji hui bai zhe tou fa , man shan qian zhe ni , kan wan xia luo jin
man chang shi guang zhong you yi tian ni hui shang xin quan yu
若有人可以 让他陪你 我不怪你
ruo you ren ke yi rang ta pei ni , wo bu guai ni

快乐 什么时候会结束呢
kuai le shen me shi hou hui jie shu ne
na yi ke shi zui hou yi ke
xiang ba ni jing jing bao zhe
可知你是我生命中的 最舍不得
ke zhi ni she wo sheng ming zong de zui she bu de

如果我变成回忆 最怕我太不争气
ru guo wo bian cheng hui yi , zui pa wo tai bu zheng qi
顽固地赖在空气 霸占你心里 每一寸缝隙
wan ku di lai zai kong qi ba zhan ni xin li , mei yi cun feng jin
lian lei yi ran ai wo de ni tong ku cheng shou shi qu
这样不公平 请你尽力 把我忘
zhe yang bu kong ping qing ni jin li ba wo wang ji

Have you ever wonder that when will you end your life?
Have you ever think that how will you end your life?
Have you ever thought of the feeling of leaving everyone you love?
Have you ever feel like you're gonna die tomorrow?

I'm just wondering if one day , I don't exist anymore.
Just wondering :)

I'm just being random , anyway.

Goodnight, loves .


Thursday, February 18, 2010

What do you want from me ?

To those who concern doesn't matter and to those who don't concern does matter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm taking back my love .

Finally I've time to blog about everything.
I'm skipping school tmr and friday too, I guess!
So in the holiday mood lor, how to study.
Okay I know, Monthly test is like next next week.
but , it's seriously freaking near and I don't even
understand a shit since the first day of school!

I've been copying other people's work
and, everytime I'm trying to do , I fell asleep.
Okay, I fail I admit TT

Just put that aside first ,
Let's start from er er er.. reunion dinner?

Sunlight rocks :)

Grandma start cooking around 3pm
and everyone helped out a little , I guess
but as usual, she's still so stressed out.
It's just cooking lar , omg
and seriously she made too many dishes.
As usual , we didn't finish it .

But before the dinner starts ,
cousins and I was outside looking at fishes?
Okay, I forget literally about everything.
Oh , We took the turtle out from the pond
and play with it. Is it a turtle or tortise?
Okay nevermind , we were playing with it.

Then we throw it back into the pond .
Poor tortise / turtle -.-

Don't know why. I like this picture ;)

Venice :)

Just for the sake of my hair colour =p

Kevan :) Cute, can die omg .

Kevan & Kevin :)

And , they are so bloody cute !

Then we have our dinner
and the aircond was not working well, I guess.
It's like so bloody hot inside. OMG D:

Chloe ;)

After dinner, chilled around.
Talk and everything then adults start gambling.
I joined them and I lost 20 over bucks
then I give up already. It's not my money , anyway :)
I was like asking money from my ahkong
and he keep giving and I lost it all -.-

Bad luck lar , omg.

Went to bed around 2am, I guess.

The next morning ,
Grandma was shouting from downstairs
and my maid was pulling my blanket then my sister's.
We have no choice but to wake up and get ready.

When I'm ready, everyone is not ready YET!
Ate the misua thing . It's a must to eat every year
and I still have no idea why.
I think I should ask my mum why ,tmr =p

Took Pictures .

I like my outfit .
Because it's cheap and nice =p
That necklace is 25bucks
and I kinda regret now TT

After that , get angpaus :):):):):):):)
Most important 'event' during CNY .

Then all of us must go to the temple .

Well , since dk how many years ago.
We have this plan , going to the temple and pray
and all those but this plan fail everytime
because we , the whole family woke up very late
and the plan have been called off for like
so many years but this year, Idk who so semangat-ed
for this plan thing and, I don't fancy temples, at all.

Red is pretty (L)


Who's idea to take a picture like that.

Reached the place and prayed and everything.
It was so stuffy and everything.
I cant even open my eyes .
Plus, the weather was like so omfg hot.

Went in the office thing to do some charity thingi.
Paid so much money for something something.
Okay idk what is it but I know it's something
that have to do with health and all those things.

Believe it or not , you need to line up sumore!

Since the weather is so hot , mummy bought us ice cream.
Okay fine, nothing special but when you hear or see
the word 'ice cream' , don't you feel happy ?
Nevermind -.-

Then went back in and eat the vegetarian food there.
Drag here and there , waste so much time and all those.
Finally and Finally , we went home .

Relatives came over and gave angpaus and more angpaus.
For one moment, I feel so rich :)

Then went over to GreatGranny's place.
It's a every year routine .

The fried crabsticks is awesome!

Just a few up here .


I likey :)


Okay, don't rotate. It looks better like this.

I like ! : )

Second day , I stone at home
and wait for people to come over .
Okay, that's all I remembered .

It was so boring and I complained so much
until my mum ask me to go facebook
because I'm making too much noise.
I really wanna go out okay !

I charged my camera until full
and plan to camwhore and everything.
Then end up, plan call off. ish ><

I like it when everyone sleeps in the same room.
Just imagine , all of us squeeze in a room!
My room! it's so awesome because we don't sleep.
My younger brother and sister likes my camera
because they couldn't stop taking pictures.

And , it's so fun : )

She almost fell okay!

Where's Grace?!



And , we have so much fun :)

Okay, it was really funny when we take the pics.
Jasper and Chloe was like fighting to stand
infront of the camera and hell, it block all of us.
I pulled them back , then they go infront again.
It was so messy. We're suppose to have very nice
picture together but idk why , end up like that.

And believe or not, we went to bed around 4am -.-

So, the third day of new year already.

Out, like finally .

Danial came and pick me up.
Then headed to usj to pick chibi up
and he was like going to this and that place.
Aiyo TT

Finally headed to Sunway Pyramid.


Walked to Eve but the pool table wasn't available
then walk all the way to the bowling area for pool.
And we walked very very very very very slowly.
Spent aorund 2hours or more there.

Danial .

Headed to McD , and then he sent me home.
Chibi and Danial was like going crazy over
a sport car or something and I still don't find
anything special about that car lor !

In the car :)

Rushed home and watched Fahrenheit Fantasy Concert in Malaysia
and seriously , it brings back alot of memories.
Those times I counted down and everything.
I missed it so much , I miss Cal

Was texting Sook & ZhiWei the same time too.
I miss Fahrenheit , I miss Cal♥♥♥♥♥ , Jiro♥♥♥ , WuChun♥♥ and Yalun♥♥

Hopefully , four of them will come again this year ):

Was out the whole day today
and I didn't get any pictures.
Wasn't in a mood to camwhore tho.

Was with Yuhung & Chinkeat.
Then, with Mahathir & gang.
Finally met up with cousins .

Watched a chinese movie but forget the name -.-
The show is really hilarious . :)

OMG , I know I sound damn lazy
but I really very lazy to elaborate lor !
Today is very tiring , end story =p

My post always have pictures more than words
but don't you think, it's a good thing?
I don't think anyone bother to read .
People just come and look at pictures
then click the X button. Okay, that's sad.

Well actually right ,I do that too =p




亲爱的可爱宝贝CALCAL小儒儒 , I You


p.s Have I came across your mind today?