Thursday, March 28, 2019

While you are young .

I keep seeing articles and quotes about 'it's okay to not get your shit together in your twenties' on my news feed on facebook.

I am pretty done with those articles. I did read about articles with the similar content back then and realize that it did not make me feel better. Now I don't even bother. 

Yes, it is okay to not have your shit together at this age.
It is NOT okay to not work hard and try to get your shit together.

There are bad days, but it doesn't mean that anyone should stop working hard. Everyone deserves to let loose sometimes but it doesn't mean that we should only start dragging till we are 30s to change our lives. If you are unhappy with your life, work harder. If you are so done struggling, give yourself a short break instead of lying to yourself that it is normal to feel like a failure because, you are NOT a failure.

You CANNOT stop hustling and working on your goals just because you are tired. You may take a break but definitely not linger on that comfort zone for too long. 

Whenever I let my guards down and confess about how stressful I feel , it doesn't mean that I am giving up on what I want to do. I also didn't expect you to console me and tell me that ' it is okay to feel like a failure and have no achievement at this age' . Because I refuse to succumb to this. I want to work hard now and enjoy it later. 

So don't. 

Please don't let that kind of thoughts affect you, and make slow down your process. 

Everyone must have their own talent and something to offer. While feeling lost , go out and search. Find out what you are good at when you are young, find out what do you like - then go for it.

Because you are good , for someone , for something and also, deserve what you want. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Banyan Tree Spa in Pavilion Hotel

It has been a while since I went for spa. The last time it was a surprise from my boyfriend for Valentine's so I'm pretty excited to head over to Banyan Tree Spa which is located in Pavilion Hotel for a good massage. 

I am not a fan of full range spa packages - I usually go for body scrub and 1 1/2 hour of full body massage. I know that steam bath or Jacuzzi filled with flower petals are nice but I have no patience to be alone. I usually go for longer massages. 

I've been to Banyan Tree Spa back in Bangkok the last time I was there and it was one of the best experience ever ; from the services to the skill of masseur and music - it was all perfect. 

I went for the full body massage because this is what I need over the weekend.

There are three types of massage as you can see - Balinese, Deep Tissue and Gentle Touch. To be safe, I go for Balinese. Gentle Touch is not for me , and Deep Tissue is gonna give me blue black as I'm pretty sensitive. 

In Banyan Tree Spa which is located in Pavilion Hotel, it is not completely open yet hence not all services are available. If you ever plan to visit, it is better for you to ring them up and inquire to avoid disappointments. 

I'm awkward because my masseur was pretty enthusiastic to help me with pictures - not the best picture I have but I need to let you know that their bathrobe is really comfortable. 

There are two types aromatic oil for me to choose which is Peace and Love.

Peace comes with a little blend of ginger with floral scent whereas Love comes with Rose and Lavender Scent with some herbs ; I chose Love. I always do. 

My Spa starting with simple feet scrub with black salt. 

Is it just me or do you guys feel awkward when someone is in this position in front of you? 
I don't really like it when they sit-kneeling in front of me while helping me. I actually would like it when they grab a stool or something while doing it so that their knees don't hurt. 
I actually tell her to sit comfortably but she is a professional masseur so she told me that it will be alright - so I was hoping the scrub ends faster because I was feeling awkward alone.

The whole 90 minutes was great , I was half asleep. I insist to keep myself awake so that I could feel every touch. One thing that is lacking is they forgot to play soothing music. If they did , the whole package will be even better.

Refreshment is served right after the massage. 
They serve ginger tea which I love with honeydew and greek yogurt.

I enjoyed them alone in the room for a great 20 minutes before changing. I like how they give me my alone time after massage. 

Banyan Tree Spa is always great with their spa , and I'm really happy that they have it here now. It's just a drive away to pamper yourself. 

Now, I'm thinking when should I spoil myself again?

You can read my post about EBISU x Whiskey Cove by clicking HERE. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

EBISU x Whiskey Cove

Japanese cuisine is never my first choice when it comes to food selection however, this changed over the years. Now, I usually crave for them from time to time. When the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur approached me for a weekend review, I was delighted when I see Ebisu on the itinerary.

Ebisu is located in Pavilion Hotel managed by Banyan Tree , serving Japanese cuisine with a twist together with extensive drinks list. Ebisu actually works as a restaurant and bar. 

The interior is blending traditional Japanese sense of zen with elegance - just like how the food they present, being innovative but not forgetting the classic Japanese cuisine. 

Here I am presenting the Chinese New Year 6 course meal.

What is Chinese New Year without Yee Sang ; the ingredients contains of the classic with jellyfish, salmon and slices of thin abalone. To be honest, this is one of the best yee sang I had. 

Chilled Sesame Curd with Wasabi Soy Sauce
Simmered Spinach with Bonito Stock

I expected this to be in tofu texture but it is actually more dense than I thought. It is harder than tofu but softer than normal jelly - fitting right in between. The sesame smell was so strong and blends so well with the wasabi on top. The curd has to be eaten with the wasabi together to enhance the taste. The appetizer is already a twist in Japanese cuisine. 

Raw Fish
Fresh Salmon & Tuna served with Salad in “Yee Sang” Style

There is nothing much to say about this because the salmon literally melts in my mouth , making me craving for more! I am actually a fan of Tuna but here , the salmon beats the tuna because it literally melts. Tuna was really fresh too. 

If you ever visit Ebisu , please order their raw meat. This is worth the price that you are paying. 

Steamed Dish
Steamed Egg Custard with Crab Meat & Salmon Roe

This Chawanmushi is not ordinary at all. The texture of their egg custard is a little more denser on the top and once you break in, it is soft. I am actually surprised because steamed egg custard are usually denser at the bottom. I like how the salmon roe pop in my mouth when it comes altogether with the egg custard.

Grilled Dish
Grilled Cod Fish Preserved with Miso Paste Served with Assorted Vegetables

Now it doesn't surprise me anymore. Their Cod Fish is fresh and grilled to a perfection where its crunchy on the skin and the meat is soft. The Teppanyaki chicken at the side reminds me of the Chinese dish  ' Pat Kuat Wong'  but is more mild in taste so that it doesn't steal the attention from the Cod Fish and Prawns. Prawns are great , and they do have meat in the prawn head. 

Nothing ever goes wrong with my favourite Tamago - but a quick note that their tamago is very compact compared to the other ones you can find out there .

Chilled Buckwheat Noodle with Hot Duck Dipping Sauce

This is the ever first time I have buckwheat Noodle with Hot Dipping Sauce because usually, it serves with cold sauce. This dish is very comforting and serves as a great savory main. 

Green Tea Ice Cream Served with Fresh Sliced Fruits

The green tea ice cream leans on the sweeter side and personally I prefer it a lil bitter with more matcha. 

Besides green tea, they do have two other flavours which is Black Sesame and Yuzu. I've tried all the flavours. Many voted for Yuzu Flavour which is very refreshing since it's a little sour and icy in texture. For me, I'll go for the Black Sesame because it's not that sweet and the texture is very dense which I love. 

Here is my happy face after all the good food.

Ebisu always design their course meals according to occasion. Besides their staple Auspicious 6 course meals (RM198) and 3 course lunch sets (RM90) , they tailor their course meals according to occasion. 

Since it is close to valentines, they have their valentines course meal now at RM420nett per couple.  The details are always up on their websites. 

After dinner, you can head up to Whiskey Cove for a drink .

This timeless whisky venue features a cosy atmosphere , comfortable seating . This is the perfect venue for one to relax after a whole stressful weekend , or after a dinner date when you want to know one another better. We cannot deny that alcohol does sparks something up sometimes. 

You can get creative right here, blending your own whisky to take home or keep it for your next visit.

You know that he actually brings out good stuff for you when he proudly display it on the table. These are pretty rare in KL bar scene . 


I didn't choose anything on the drinks menu. I requested him to actually mix for me on the spot with something sweet and mild. Mine was with Antica Formula , and wow it was great. I took sip by sip to enjoy it.

If you are hungry again, no worries - they do serve food. 

Perfect night out for me. 

You see, when you end a day with alcohol, it's either great things happened or things get ugly. For me, it is all about the great things.