Monday, January 7, 2019

Akasha Restaurant Bali

Hi, I'm back for more Bali post. 
Besides Sea Circus which is my ultimate favourite cafe from Bali, there is a few places that I would like to share. I pick out a few places that deserves a post on their own. 

Akasha Restaurant is under the group of The Akasha Luxury Villa near Tegallalang - close to Ubud ; where the restaurant is just right infront of the villa which is perfect for honeymoon or family. 

The view and interior of the restaurant is amazing - I know that this post should be all about cafes , but I needed this here and to be the first one to show you how beautiful can a place be. Since we head over there for tea time , I'll just put it here instead of restaurants. 

In KL , we have KLCC as the trademark for our luxury view. In Bali, it is all about nature - Paddy fields , Mt Agung and their famous historical monument. 
To be frank, I am a city person but everytime I visit Bali, it makes me think otherwise. It's pretty nice to have a drink overlooking paddy fields with a buffalo around. 

Always over ordering even when it comes to teatime. 

On the table : Roasted Pumpkin Puree soup ,  Nachos , Jackfruit Pizza and smoothies.

The Jackfruit pizza is surprisingly good. I couldn't comprehend the texture but it was better than I thought. There is a hint of sweetness coated with three types of cheeses.
I would give the pumpkin soup a 10/10 for the pumpkin bites. Too yummy.

The perfect lazy afternoon



Akasha Restaurant & Juice Bar
Jalan N Sinta, Keliki, Tegallalang,
Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Monday, December 31, 2018


This year is pretty crucial for me since next year I'll be 25 ; and I need to invest on anti aging products from there on. It's finally the time of the year again where I make an annual post to conclude my year. 

1. There is no need to cross the ocean for someone whom is not willing to cross a puddle for you.

2. Just because you put in extra effort to connect with someone or treat someone sincerely , it doesn't mean that they will appreciate it. Do everything willingly. If not, there is no need to force yourself.

3. I am still struggling with finance - and still have a hard time to keep up accordingly. 

4. I sold almost half of my wardrobe on Carousell.
Carousell Name : limcarmenxo

5. I tried to decrease my caffeine intake. Instead of doing so, it increased. Another good news is, I rarely drink now - less alcohol.

6. Do not use straightforwardness as an excuse to hurt someone else's feelings. There is a line between straightforward and rude. What you say shows what kind of person you are.

7. This year, I spend quite of a lot of time sulky and being jealous of someone else's life and almost forget that I need to count blessings too. 

8. I finally understand that love is not about fancy dinners and roses all the time. It is about still wanting to kiss the shit outta your partner even though you are so mad at them.

9. He tells me that I'm pretty even though I look like crap. 

10. My choices of clothes changed. My fashion sense changed. I no longer go for short skirts - I prefer midi skirts/dresses now.

11. I do not catch up with the latest hit songs on radio now ; I prefer to stick to the oldies. I do not think that my taste of music is great, but the songs nowadays are pretty shitty.

12. I let my self too loose this year. I do not feel pretty and I make no effort to do so - because I am getting very comfortable. And on 2019, I am determined to change this bad habit of mine.

13. I prefer staying in now - even if I think I am wasting my off day.

14. I am starting to invest on anti-aging cream and expensive moisturizers now.

And lastly ,

15. My 2018 sums up with - I gained hell a lot of weight, and currently is at my heaviest since I started losing weight at 18.

This is pretty lame.
But in 2019, all this bad habit needs to go off.

cheers to the new year!


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sea Circus Bali

I just came back from Bali a month ago. It's my third visit and this island still amaze me. The last time I visited Bali was almost 7 years ago ; and they really change a lot. Now, they have bloomed into a place I want. I do appreciate their culture and classic interior , but now I have found another reason to love Bali - which is the cafes and brunch places. To be honest, it reminds me of Melbourne. 

I went to countless of cafes ; spending 2 days on cafe hopping. 

This particular cafe is my favorite throughout the whole trip ; and it doesn't involve any caffeine at all!

Sea Circus Bali , it is.

This brunch place is on my list , but definitely not under the 'must-go' category. It was last day , and this place is just right at the corner of where I stay. Since we didn't have any concrete plan that day or any particular place to visit , we decided to give Sea Circus a try.

I could say that this place is one of the hidden gems of Bali as you might easily miss this place since it is located on the sidewalk. 

The colorful bright decoration which gives out a funky summer vibe attracted many people to take their ootds over there. 

The place is not huge hence, there might be a queue during peak hours. 
Since it's just the both of us , it is easier for us to get a seat. 

The menu matches with their concept really well. It all about summer , tropical inspired. 

Look at how bright and funky the colours are!

To match the theme , we decided to go on with their smoothies and have coffee later. 

On the table ;
Chicken Quesadillas ; Lobster Tacos ; Summer Poke Bowl ; Smoothies - Mary Poppin's & Strawberry

Summer Poke Bowl was so good! Instead of meat, I chose their marinated tofu and their texture taste like meat. This bowl change my mind about poke bowls. I never like them but Sea Circus caught my heart. 

Lobster Tacos was just alright - with the price we are paying, I barely see any lobster meat. It was just a lot of salsa.

Chicken Quesadillas is pretty good - so please order this .

Eventhough it is very busy , the service was great and the food was serve very quickly. 

This place deserves a post on its own - because it is 11/10 .

Sea Circus
Jl. Kayu Aya No.22, Seminyak, 
Bali 80361, Indonesia