Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Taipei Food Trip.


I've never been to Taiwan before and it was never in my travel list. This trip happened because of my sister. She already had plans to visit Taipei so she convinced me to tag along for a short 3d2n trip. I bought my tickets two weeks before and there I go, without any itinerary or plans. 

Everything below is all jumbled up together. I want to share a few place that I really like in this food trip lol


We booked our stay in central Ximending which is really convenient.




This place opens at 9am, and I waited an hour despite reaching at 830am. This is listed as one of the 'must eat' breakfast in XMD area. I wouldn't say that the toast is super good but the crepe was special.


The crepe actually taste like 'thin roti telur' with minced beef and three types of cheese and lot of seasoning.


This best selling sandwich contains taro, two types of cheese and omelette. As a taro lover , I approve this but the sweetness of the taro still somehow doesn't go along with the cheese (which is a lil salty). This is my personal opinion , but my sister loves it. The portion is good enough for one. We shared the crepe and the sandwich among two and had soy bean - which is really filling.




Tourist Carmen at the Red House

Niu Kung Kuan Beef Noodle


A good bowl of beef noodle among the streets of XMD. Ordered their classic beef noodle in soup and dry noodles. 

I like the dry version better. 
I believe that there is peanut and sesame in the sauce which makes it really yummy. Their beef is in thick chunky slices with the perfect texture. Their portion is actually big - can be shared among two girls.

Niu Kung Kuan is actually at the higher price but it's WORTH trying. 


beautiful Taipei.

Raohe Night Market



Since our visit is short , we can only choose one night market to visit and settled with Rao He Night Market. Shihlin market was the first choice but my sister's Taiwanese friend recommended Rao He since they serve authentic Taiwanese street food and snacks. It is not as commercialized as Shihlin Night Market. 




Favourite taiwanese things.

Sweet Potato Balls and their shaved ice desserts topped with various beans, taro balls and all sorts.


A big bowl at only TWD55



No, I didn't bother to try smelly tofu at all. 

I still can't accept it. 






So yummy omg. 


Jian Hong Beef Noodles


Jian Hong Beef Noodles is a MUST visit. I highly recommend this beef noodles store at the corner of Wan Hua District. It is Michelin Star rated by Bib Gourmet so that gives you another reason to visit. 

There are two branches. The one I visited is the OG branch where it is still a little run down compared to the new branch where it is fully air conditioned and open 24 hours. This store is small, leaving a space inside to only fit 8 people. It is still air conditioned though haha. They leave enough 'personal space' for you so no worries. 
Perfect place to eat alone.



I choose a place by the corner so that I can snap pictures. They immediately found out that I am a tourist and actually suggest me to visit the other branch. 
Nope, I walked 25 minutes for them so I am not leaving.

I ordered a small bowl of beef noodle - which actually turned out to be medium size in Malaysia. The portion is huge, and you have a choice to refill soup without any charges. 
This time, I go for thick noodles which taste a lot of pan mee in noodle form. The soup based is really rich in flavour. Compared to the Niu Kong Kuan, this place serves better clear soup beef noodle. The price is relatively cheap , and they give me thick chunks of yummy beef! 



It was so yummy that I didn't pay attention. I slurped so hard that it went all over my white tshirt. 



You gotta get champion when you are here!

Believer Café & Bar




I came across this cafe on instagram where it is a saloon and cafe in the day , and turns into a bar at night. I choose to sit by the counter since it's noisy inside and to avoid the smell of hair dye too. 


This cafe allows you to choose how strong you want your hand drip coffee to be and I choose mine to be medium. I don't think I should risk it. I ordered their famous Matcha swiss roll - and was upset since they ran out of Matcha cream. 
Overall, it was nice. Their swiss roll is soft and their coffee is one of the best I've ever had. 



This is an awkward picture of me taken by the waitress. 

I was alone since my sister wanted to meet up with her friends. And yeah, I can eat alone or even visit cafes alone. 


Yeap, there are stains on my tshirt and I didn't even care lol.


Busy streets of XMD at night.

Ay Chung Rice Noodles



I always thought that this is overrated but nope, they are right. It is really yummy. Actually, it taste like soup - the rice noodles are so soft that it blended so well with the soup. It taste better with a little vinegar. 


Then we proceed to look for dessert.




second dessert.

Ice-cream, peanut rolled in thin crepe skin.




Best picture of me and half of Taipei 101 while waiting for our seats in Din Tai Fung - which took us 2 and a half hours. 



The siew long bao is nice but I prefer the one with yam fillings - A yam fan right here, haha. 

To be frank, I think waiting for 2 and a half hours is too long. The next time I visit, I shall just buy the coupon on KLOOK. I wasted half of my day waiting, and this didn't surprise me at all.

Do you have coffee Neo Cafe



This small dainty cafe is located upstairs where they sell their own brand of clothings , home decor and sunglasses. The name in Chinese is called - '妳有咖啡' which means 'you have coffee'. 
I realized that cafes in Taipei actually have their own theme and often, they combined with other business elements which is really new to me. We rarely see this coffee culture in Malaysia.

This cafe mostly composed of lattes. Infact, cafes in Taipei usually promotes their lattes or freshly dripped coffee. 




The barista recommended this Earl Grey Wild Rose Latte. They told me that it taste better when it's cold. They pop a few ice cubes in and shake it like how they did the bar. Hence, there is a layer of milk foam on top of the earl grey latte.

The presentation was a 10/10 ; the ambiance was a 10/10 and the friendliness was 11/10.

One thing about taiwanese people is they are always patience and nice. They are always helpful and smiling. 

7 Evelen


Taiwanese Oden!


I just wanted to try their convenience store food because they have much more variety than we have here. We were not hungry but greedy so we tried them out in the airport before we catch our flight home so this is kinda like our second dinner/supper.

The japanese curry rice is actually yummy. And the fatass in me decided to grab a few sandwich home or did I actually much in flight? lol.


All we did was visiting restaurants, cafes and tourist spots near XMD. We didn't want to go on a day trip or travel far since it's just 3D2N. This weekend getaway is really fruitful and definitely came back heavier. 

I am kinda glad that my sister dragged me along. 


So I've made up my mind to revisit as soon as possible. This time, I will definitely do what normal tourist do instead of stuffing my face.

See you, Taipei.

Check out the list below:
金花碳烤吐司專賣(Golden FlowerToast) -108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Neijiang Street, 21號1樓
牛公館牛肉麵 (Niu Kung Kuan Beef Noodle) - No. 78, Xining Rd, Wanhua District
Raohe Night Market - Raohe Street, Songshan District
建宏牛肉麵(Jian Hong Beef Noodles ) - No. 7號, Xining Rd, Wanhua District
Believer Café & Bar - No. 83-9, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District
阿宗麵線(Ay Chung Rice Noodles) -No. 8-1號, Emei St, Wanhua District