Sunday, April 2, 2017

Neighbourhood Coffee

It has been a while since I bring up cafes in my space. There are too many cafes coming up, and I don't think I can keep track anymore. 

Well, I find neighbourhood coffee located at Sri Petaling serves good coffee, with a good ambiance which is completely insta-worthy. The place is located upstairs which is pretty spacious since they have pretty limited seats. I don't like when they cramp everything together. Sitting in a cafe should be a luxury form of relaxation instead of feeling the stress of being suffocated. And another plus point is, they have good playlist and it's relatively quiet. 

god, I love this space so much. 

The interior designer needs to be praised. 

I visited for brunch, and was a little sad that I missed out their new menu which consist of Fuwa Fuwa pancakes. I heard that it was really good. 

Their roasted beans was on point. 

Where's my food, hmm?

I ordered the breakfast set where it consist of fruit muesli and pancakes. 

This is the kind of breakfast I desire to have everyday however, Malaysia promotes solid food for the first meal of the day. As for me, I often eat bread because heavy breakfast isn't my thing. 

The pancakes was really fluffy - now, I can imagine how good their Fuwa Fuwa pancakes could be.

It's salmon pesto pasta and latte at the opposite. The pasta could have been better but the latte was good.

The coffee here is definitely one of the reason why people keep coming back.

Milk over my muesli. 

...I have friends that don't put milk over their cereals or so. too weird for me. 

I stayed back for at least three hours because it was so comfy, and for their good playlist. This is a definitely a place for catch up. And not to mention, insta-worthy background. I was too engage into talking to my friends hence, I didn't really get pictures of myself with the background.

This cafe actually closes at 11pm, instead of 7pm. Lucky for you guys who stay near this place. 

till then. 

neighbourhood coffee
12, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Since young, I am taught to share things. And honestly, I hate to do so. Especially when it comes to things where it belongs solely to me. I know that by sharing is a way of showing how much you care for a person. But we got to be realistic because there are some things we cannot share. 
For me, one of it is personal things such as feelings and emotions. 

Not everyone that ask about you truly give a damn. Many of them are just lending their ears because they are just being a busybody. So, there is no point to disclose yourself completely because some of them don't deserve to know you like that. 

Our generation put 'goals' on lives of people we are not living through. It is easy to love what is seen, not known.
As for me, I don't think there is a need to let people truly know what is inside my head. Maybe it is insecurity. But the choice lies within me of what I want to disclose. I don't trust easily. And even if I trust someone, I still keep something within myself. Some people genuine care about me and I know that very well. They do feel offended that I didn't share, or worry that I always hide things.

I've already learnt from my mistake. 

I don't need anyone to care or ask about me. I don't need a whole lot of attention when I feel sad. It's nice that people ask. But when I chose not to answer, minimum respect is expected from me. I appreciate that people could see the emotions within me but I definitely don't appreciate people crossing the boundaries of wanting to know details about my life. I don't like being pestered to answer questions due to anyone's curiosity. 
I want space. I need space. and, I like space within people. 
So that there is a room for anything. Being too close sometimes make things difficult. 

I refuse to share - especially when it comes to negativity. 
Just because I am feeling that, it doesn't mean anyone else deserve to feel it with me. 

I refuse to romanticize sadness like those overrated novels. I don't think it's healthy to glorify heartbreaks and disappointments. We do feel that way at some point but I wouldn't support someone to live within that for their whole life, or make it seems very normal. Everyone deserves to be happy and love. 

So, don't.

Don't force me to answer anything I don't want to. 
This is the bare minimum in respect expected from me.  

Friday, February 10, 2017



I've visited three cities in Italy last summer , and my first stop was Milan. It was a short trips since it's only 2days 1 night since there is nothing much to do. I drop by the city because it was known as the fashion capital. To think back, I realized that I should have chose to visit Florence instead of Milan. 

Frankly, I do not have any good memories about Italy especially with the people over there. Many of my encounters were horrible. And, I've actually whine over a blogpost last year which you can read over HERE
Despite how unwelcome I felt, I still made the best of my trip. I couldn't deny that the city is really beautiful, and I am grateful that I could see it in my own eyes. 

1. Duomo di Milano


Milan Cathedral is the largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. I swear that it looks completely the same as pictures see on internet, and larger than I've imagined. Many tourists are clouded in this area, so as the pigeons where we are actually forbidden to feed. I saw some of the people feeding it and I did the same , which ended up getting yelled at by the locals about it. It was my mistake didn't knowing beforehand , but I did felt a little hurt being called off so rudely. However, that didn't make me anything less about this place.

This church is beautiful. 




This picture needed to be up here because I paid €15. A man put the seed on my palm, and held my hand up high. When the pigeons came over and eat it, they request for €15 when I was told that it was free. I understand that nothing is free in the world but €15 is way too much ( and I was asked to pay €20 before, and had to negotiate with the few men surrounding us because they wouldn't let us leave until we pay.) 

Since I already need to pay that much money, I made sure I get a picture - and I was too angry to smile at the camera. I feel so cheated. 

2.Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


This magnificent shopping mall , which is one of the oldest , is located right next to Milan Cathedral. It is named after the first king of Kingdom of Italy, and is designed by Giuseppe Mengoni. 


The ceiling allows the sun to shine right through the mall. The tiles on the floor are perfectly designed, showing sophistication. It reminds of the royalty. 

The place has four different entrances. It was way smaller than I imagine. Many tourists does their shopping here . It is less crowded than being outside of the Cathedral. I believe that the structure and the interior of this shopping mall is definitely a place where future architects and interior designers should visit because it is really breathtaking. 





I needed to take picture in front of Prada and LV to send to my family, to show that I really been there. It's pretty basic to do so, but I am a tourist lol.

3. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II


Random Mirror Selfie.

There is a few famous shopping street in Milan, and I've decided to visit Corso Vittorio Emanuele II street which is just a few streets away from the tourist attractions. Many luxury brands store including, the famous Gucci flagship store is located along this street.

This street reminds me a lot of Paris , and I actually like it alot since it is not as crowded as the Galleria. They are also little alleys by the streets where they have hidden art galleries, and small shops. I actually like to visit hidden streets more than the famous one - it shows me how they truly are. But being located close to the tourist attraction, I believe that they have alter some of their habits to attract tourist. Due to the time constrain, I didn't get out of the central to see more.






4. La Rinascente Department Store


That is me at Bar della Rina having a cup of latte which was amazing until the horrible service encounter occurs. It still upsets me everytime I thought about being treated so rudely.

This department store caters all luxury brands, and it would be best for people who only drop by in  a short while and not being able to visit the flagship stores. It is almost like Selfridges, but they also have small brands while Selfridges only have high end brands. 


Simple Breakfast down the street.

I swear that Italian coffee is the best. My favourite pastry is the one with custard filling. Simple breakfast like this makes me really happy and frankly, I would choose pastry as the first meal over anything. 

Yes, this is the place where I got yelled at. lol. 

Well, I do miss the custard croissant. 

5. Le Chalet 


Okay, this is a hidden gem where I came across for dinner so please please please visit this cozy restaurant if you were to happen to visit Milan, and stay near Milan Central Train Station because it's just 5 minutes walk or less.

Le Chalet doesn't have their own website , and it's a very small restaurant which is really not noticeable but the crowd was there during dinner time. I went in around 530pm to have an early dinner and the place was empty. I was greeted in Chinese - and trust me, everyone in European country quickly assume that all Chinese are from China. I found out that the owner's wife was a Chinese too, and spoke to her. I feel so like home for the first time, and also the people took extra care of us since we are girls and still young lol.


How can they make simple pizza taste so good?

The presentation may not be up to the point but the taste was a 99/100 because the one point is for me to revisit again, lol. 

We waited for a while since the pizza was freshly charcoal bake. The three type of cheese was good - savoury but rich enough. The amount of cheese was good. 
I didn't want to order this but I was strongly recommended because it was their signature, and I had no regrets. As exaggerating as it sound, I can still taste it in my mouth.



This seafood pasta was baked in a pastry puff. The clams were fresh ones, and the pasta was at the right texture. I don't like it too soft. 

God, this is probably my best meal in Milan. I was so happy , and welcomed. It's sad that this place isn't as famous as I thought because I couldn't even find anything much about them in google.

Le Chalet - Via Tonale, 6, 20125 Milano, Italyand you can make your reservations HERE

6. Navigli


Look at how beautiful the sky is. 


Navigli were a system where connects five canals around Milan, for commercial purposes. But now, the canals are used for irrigation. Out of the five, only two canals operates as tourist navigation system - Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese.


I am so glad that I came just in time for sun set. It was breathtakingly beautiful, god. 



This is me on a random bridge. I gave up on Naviogli Grande because there is too many people for me to get any nice picture. 


I know that him being in my picture requires me to pay so I might as well pose for it. 

To think back, I wonder what was in my mind when I agree to pay that much for a single picture. As if being photobomb isn't bad enough, now I've gotta pay to be photobombed TT. 

This place isn't just about good restaurants, and gelatos. There are also few art galleries hidden along the streets, boutiques which sells handmade vintage dresses , and also offers beer tasting tour. However, I gave up all of that which I could do in the noon for the sunset since I went other places then. 

Well, there is no regrets. 

I just witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life. 


I just witnessed a scene from romance movie in real.

I quickly took my phone out to take a picture of this beautiful sight as memory. I know that it was pretty rude of me but the couple was so in love that they gave approval for me to capture the beauty of their love. They just had their dinner date and then, here they are, kissing by the canal with the lights reflecting on the surface of the water.

What can be more romantic than this? 

I don't really fantasize about romance, but looking at them makes me believe in it. And for a moment, I thought that there is something as forever. 


This is Hotel New York which is located right outside the train station. 

Is it just me , or things looks more beautiful at night?



I was strolling around the city at night , wanting to make the most of out of everything. 
If I never went experience the bad encounters, I would definitely like Milan alot. I guess, the dinner at Le Chalet was the key of my trip because fooooood.

addio Milan