Monday, July 29, 2013

Falling in love.

Falling in love is like giving your everything to someone else - your attention , your time , your mind , your soul and your happiness.

The feeling of your heart race fast , butterflies in your stomach and your cheeks turn red when you are around someone is a sign to let you know that , that person is the one who could held you up and pull you down.

& this feeling is so powerful that it could change you to someone that you don't know.

It's like you could put down your ego , self-respect , dignity to do everything and anything to please them, because you love them. You could give so much and expect so much in return because that is how far and how much you could go for them.

& when they break your heart, you help them to find a reason to convince yourself that it was just all a mistake when you clearly know that you are lying to yourself.

It's just amazing how all these could make one person give so much and nothing in return.

Even you're broken, you are still expecting , hoping and waiting even if you know it might never happen.

I am not a girl who believes in fairytale and never go all hoping and wishing over a shooting star or 11:11 for something because I think it's stupid , it's childish. But right now, it seemed like all of these childish thing is the only hope I could rely on.

For the ever first time , I wished  - for you.

And all the reason behind these changes , is you. It have always been you.

I put my hands together and wished that , hoping that someday I would be good enough for you to fall in love with me.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Promises just like unicorns.

It was the busy day though. 

I woke up early just to have a bimbo date with my bitch who have just returned from the UK. You know , our meeting up is like an annual thing. It's quite sad that she isn't returning for summer next year and god knows how long it's gonna be till the next time I see her.

So we talk about doing our hair tgt in the saloon over whatsapp last year to do our hair together.

So, we settled down in Thomas & Guys as Ridz Okumura booking is full at that moment. I was too late and I desperately need to touch up on my hair. 

You don't know how obsessed am I with my hair colour. 

My best friend is not cute , I swear. -.-

Then we went home and lie on my bed, roll three rounds first before proceed to dress up for our dinner. The weather was so terrible but it natural lightning




I hate how they curl my hair TT

We even have an album in facebook, just for the both of us. 

We take way too much pictures .________________.

One of the most normal picture even if my eyebag is ruining it.

Leopard x Floral prints.


White Forest cake from Fahrenheit 600, publika. 

Still not a fan of chocolate though.

See how screwed up my hair is.

I look so old with this hair and my hair is short enough already TT

Us girls for XiuMing's birthday .

Dine in at Silver Spoon for the night :)

Must have rainbow cake for all of our birthday for last year being a teen :)

It was a great day, after all.

Pictures speak better than words , no?

till then.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ben's with candlelights.

more coffee pictures and place to recommend you guys!

Just so you know I woke up really late in the day, so I always have to missed break/lunch/brunch or whatever it is called. My first meal is around tea time and , coffee is just so important to me. 

That day, my sister & I head to KLCC since she wanted to go kinokunya. I never read books or anything that have to do with books besides magazines and if I have a choice not to study for exam through books, I'll never touch them. So, I never understand how my sister enjoys holding a story book and sipping onto a cup of drink. 

I'll prefer to camwhore and to instagram , wtf.

KLCC is forever packed but I was dead hungry. 

We settled down at BEN's .

I think this outlet at KLCC is so much better than the pavillion one. It's more comfortable and romantic :)

And I just have to post all the coffee pictures I took with my iphone4s. TOO STINGY FOR IPHONE 5 wtf. 

#nofilter one ok!


Ah, coffee art :)

I was listening to the waiter telling me about some changes in my orders . Look at the back... I didn't realized my bag fell off, fml .

Chicken Pie with mushroom.

I think it's worth a try. I shared it with my sister though. Even if it looks small but it's really feeling.



I present you the WORST bread pudding I have ever eaten.

I seriously think that this is gonna spoil the whole menu in Ben's . It's not the first time I dine in a Ben's but I have never tried bread pudding and it's my worst decision ever.

I somemore snap the picture with the milk all over, imagining how yummy it is gonna be before I even taste it.

My face was like -.- when I took the first bite. My sister was whining about me ordering other stuff. She suggested cakes instead of this .

But overall it was good, especially the ambiance .

Candlelight setting making it more romantic and relax.

And by the time, we finished our 'tea' - it's already 730pm . There's a no way that we would want to have dinner. So, we actually tried to walk from KLCC to pavillion using the new bridge. It took us around 15 minutes and I swear, it's one of the best exercise ever. It is not that far that you imagine because they have aircond and securities in the bridge so I don't think anyone would want to rob you there , lol. 

It's good to go to two place in such a short time. :)


Cos, I wasn't ready.

I think Ben's is good and the price is reasonable :) Go try everything EXCEPT for the bread pudding :)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Everything in Paradise.

That day we decided to have a reunion before CK fly back to Melb. 

I can't believe I called this a reunion because we could easily see each other so often. It's sad how everyone is leaving. And I'm pretty sure many things would change after they leave to another country. I think the different lifestyles would bring up a different topic and perspective about life and I am pretty sure that everyone who left overseas would change when they are back home. 

& I'd prefer it to be a good change.

All this toilet mirror pictures.

I need them up here because I don't have much words to say.

We have dinner at Hokkaido Ichiba at The Gardens mall. 

And ,

This is my favorite ramen since forever. 

Miso Ramen.

Everytime I visit this place , this is the only thing that I would order because I love it so much. I'm really hating how some of the japanese restaurants I go serves ramen/udon or any other noodles form in the black soy sauce. I really want a good soup based ramen instead of the soy sauce based soup which I think it's so freaking salty. 

Miso soup is one of my favorite soup. 

And I can't explain how happy and satisfied I am with this bowl of goodness , with seaweed , roast chicken and egg. 

I know how simple it looks but it really taste so good that I would just go ~~~~~ah~~~~~~~

I think you should give it a try since it's pretty much affordable , around RM16 each bowl or so. Of course, if that is not enough - you can always go for set meals or additional of sushis. 

BUT PLEASE TRY THIS! I swear, it won't disappoint you!

I'm so going back to this place just for this ramen.

I heard that Ippudeo ramen in Pavillion is good . I think I should go try it soon.

How do you love my Givenchy? * smirk.*