Sunday, April 25, 2010

Through the trees.

Yes ,
I know I'm suppose to type out everything that had happened ytd but my mood is really bad right now and I have lost my mood to blog already.I don't actually remember what happened ytd but it was a very tiring day tho.My legs was really numb when I get back home and fuck, I didn't get the pair of heels TT Saw shrek's wife .

end story.

Pictures do the talking.

More in facebook , check out yourself.

I'm out.

p.s Hey, thanks for not being there when I need you _l_

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes, I hope you make sure I can't catch up with you.

Was dead tired the last two days
plus my waist was hurting like crap
and I was having fever and headache.
Sucks like crap okay , omg D:

I slept at 7pm last night and woke up today morning.
Greeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat ,
wasted all my time just like that .

And I brought my camera to school the other day
and omg, we camwhored like mad with the timer.

And here we go ,

Then here comes people (:


KahMing : I'm finally white!

Nah, it's enough for the post.
More in facebook tho .
I only just a few favorite ones to be posted up.
I look extra fugly in the others so yeah.

Forget bout it
and tuition in KahMing's house on tues.
Today's one is cancelled so yeaaah..

Camwhore (:

Tuition buddies rocks (:

Went to the stadium today
and got my medal harharhar (:

I don't wanna elaborate much tho.

Things that girls always lie about.

I trust you.
I don't mind if you're busy.
Nothing happened, I'm okay.
I don't mind you hanging out with your ex girlfriends/crush.
It's okay if you choose your brothers over me.
I don't mind if you embarass me infront of your friends and laugh about it.
I don’t like attention from other men.
It doesn’t bother me if you look at other women.
It doesn’t matter how much you make.
You’re the best I’ve ever had!
Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it!
Your friends are great! I don’t mind if they come over.
I don’t mind if you go to a strip club with your friends
Its just gonna take 10 more mins to put my makeup on
I don't care how you act infront of my friends, as long as I love you.
I will just eat or drink anything you buy for me.
I'm fine, don't worry about me.
Go away , I will never wanna see you again.
I hate you so much.


p.s I hope I am brave enough to leave you right away.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This candy got you sprung .

I kinda like this picture ten minutes ago but after I posted it up, I don't like it anymore.

And you know what ,

I didn't mean to shout in your face.Wait, it's not shouting. It's just typing in capital letters.I don't know about you, I hate it when people type in capital letters sometimes. I always thought they're mad when they type in capital letters.Why am I there? But but but but, my waist really hurts.I need to sit so straight and place a pillow behind the chair.I have no idea how am I gonna take part in tug of war tomorrow.

I got 3rd in Discus.
Yes, I finally get it right because I always call it the UFO thingi thing thing and my classmates laughed at me so loudly as if it's so funny like there's no tomorrow. UFO thingi sound cuter anyway (:

I got 3rd okieeeh?! *proud face*

I swear I didn't edit this okay!

So hard to get up today.
As today is Monday and seriously, screw Monday.
I freaking hate assembly already!
I don't fancy srikl anymore and I think I should change school.
If I don't have awesome classmates , I shall just change.

Freaking having bag and alot of things.
(ps My backbone hurts): )
Fuck, I should stop being so random.

Laughed like mad with ShihNing & FongKhei
during assembly for no apparent reason.
We laughed just for the sake of laughing.
Like some pasar malam siao zha bor , can.
And , I had Hello Panda for breakfast yay! (:
That exclamation mark and the smiley
make me sound like a bimbo -.-

Changed , stayed in class for awhile
then Nathan came in and got screwed by him
for not telling him properly that I have to go for presports.
Well, he spoil my whole morning .

Ate break then got into the bus , put on earphones
then listen to songs and of course camwhore (:

Pictures do the talking .

My hair is so short ):

Cos, I likey her dimple .

And we reached that place in a minute time.
Well, it's like one minute to me .
Why we reach so fast ar?!

Get to the stall place thing.
Ate nasi lemak and had my favorite pink drink, sirap bandung xD

It was so frigging hot although I'm already under the shed.
I freaking need aircond or something
and waited for like an hour or so till my event.
Torture , can.

Was really kanjiong because I never did touch that UFO look alike thing before.
Okay, DISCUS -.- and yeah, I'm so afraid that it will slip off my hand anytime
then I got disqualified or something. Kanjiong, can.

And luckily, I didn't make a fool out of myself
so okay la, next year I join again la haha!

Chilled at the canteen/stall or whatever it's call again
then get to the bus and Lysha start camwhoring with
my camera. No,I'm not posting her pictures up here.
It will be really weird so I only post those that's with
my face in it, to scare you. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

KaiWen (:

And when vanity strikes...


freaking sweaty , omg.

Was in the bus for quite a long time
and finally it set off after half an hour or so.

The first thing that goes into my mind
is to tell the whole class ,
And , everyone was like err...okay.
wth -.-

Complained like mad about everything.
My backbone pain lar , so hot lar .
I can just complain about everything.
Like seriously.

I forget what period is this so yeaah .


Aliya Papaya shoooo cute and KahMing (;

Finally decided to settle down the last period
to finish up my add math tuition work
and I got on Yuhung's nerves. HAHAH.
He doesn't know how to teach la okay! (;

Who took this , anyway.

I'm finally done with today's post.

I feel so contented today and seems like things
are starting to go right.
As in, in the way I like it to be .
except me twisting my bloody waist -.-

I got to go to bed .


p.s I can see that you're trying real hard to change my mind (: