Thursday, November 27, 2014

Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly.

This is a definite share those who is staying in the section 14 , PJ . In the old Millennium Square mall which practically look dead and haunted because there are not many shops. However, there is a hidden gem inside the mall. It took me a while to find out where this coffee shop is until the day when I head for Picadilly for lunch with my friends. 

Before going into the main point, I'd like to mention about Picadilly which serves a whole lot varieties of food with the lowest price ever! You can find a plate of good pineapple rice with two pieces of fried chicken at RM 6.90 ! 

The hidden gem I mentioned about is, 
Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly .

To be honest, the first thing that hook me up is the name of the cafe. It's really difficult to remember and it really took me awhile to remember whenever I mention it to my friends. 

If you want to make me happy, 
please buy me coffee.


be coffee. 

This reminds me of cafes in Aussie. I like how the environment is dim. Besides that, they play good music all day long. It's a list of my favorite song. From Sam Smith to Lana Del Rey to Bruno Mars , and all the songs that belong to this genre. These songs matches with a good cup of coffee in a chilly afternoon over good conversations. 

There is no brunch available here , only coffee , cakes and pastries. Therefore, I could give credit to their coffee. I like how some cafe handle themselves in a minimalistic way and enhance their major. It's sad to see some cafes drop their standards in their coffee after they start to offer brunch to the crowd - this also loses their quiet environment. 

Basic Pastries they offer.

Loving this cozy corner of the cafe . 

two is better than one.

Cappucino for two.

The difference between their coffee and the ones we could find outside is, they steam their milk extra hotter and longer . This is very thoughtful of them because they know that people would actually take a quite sometime in their cafe. By steaming the milk extra longer, the coffee's temperature will last a little longer than usual. 

The best selling raspberry cheesecake!

Now, I understand why they are sold out so quick! By the time when we order, this is the second last piece on the tray! The cheese blends well with the raspberry jam on top. The crust at the bottom was savoury. The combination hit the right point!

It was so good that I paid this cafe a second visit after class. This time, they decorated it with a halloween theme! It's so pretty!

Two Cappucinos and now, Red latte!

Red Latte , which was really good.

Not all cafes serves red latte. So far, I only know that Artisan in Bangsar , Brewman and GGMM serves red latte. I think it's worth a try. Besides that, GGMM's red latte is bigger in portion!

and me , lol.

Can I just do this everyday? :(


Sunday, November 23, 2014

I have a blog, but I am not a blogger.

I have been blogging since I'm thirteen, which means 7 years ago. I started off with blogdrive and then, move to blogspot. In these 7 years, I've never stop blogging and leave my blog to dead because this is a habit - just like a routine in life. 

I started a blog because it was a trend back then. It is something 'cool' to share your daily routine and your selfies online , because being on the world wide web means you having more exposure - a step into fame. It started with something intentional and now, this space online of mine is filled with emotions because it records down my life. From this blog, I know how much I've grown and how my thoughts change as days passed. I have never regretted starting a blog , because this is my diary and something that I would love to look back to in the future. 

this doesn't mean I am a blogger. 

The term 'blogger' is something too heavy for me to handle , and something  that I don't think I can deal with. 

There are too many self-proclaimed bloggers out there , just because they have created a blog in blogspot and write a few posts about their daily routine. They blog about their life, and their thoughts. Some even expecting sponsorships because they get 'free things' by helping people to advertise their items. There are people sending Raqul Reed emails , asking for sponsorship. This make me realize how commercial this personal space are nowadays. 

When I first started blogging, I never thought that my traffic would be like this. 

I attended a few blogging events and did reviews for things. I did all of these because I am truly interested in the event and also think that whatever that people are giving me are something worth sharing. 
So, this blog is still all about me. I only share things about myself and through my own liking. Thus, I never once charge anyone when they sponsor me or I'll definitely reply their emails rejecting their offer.

 I reject their offer because I think I am not good enough for their items , not because I do not like their items or expecting a higher pay. I am never money-oriented when it comes to this. I run an online boutique and I clearly know how difficult it is to advertise though the net. I am truly grateful to the people who actually chose me out of so many better people out there to advertise their item on my page. But I know where I stand when it comes to this. I am not a professional in this and I don't intend to make my blog commercialized. 

This space of mine is solely where I want my thoughts and a diary of myself. I would love to share about myself - the places I go, the things I used and the things I like. I'd prefer to keep my blog track within my circle of life rather than exposing towards a greater field of commercialize blogging. 

I am not ready for that and I don't think I will ever be.

I truly respect professional bloggers who spend time to advertise a product. I can see their effort from their pictures and their post. They attend events , do research of what they should share online to not disappoint their readers. Some of them put in so much effort and are still not recognized.Sometimes I think it's unfair towards them who spend so much time photoshooting , explaining about something on their space gets less credit than they deserve. 

There are too many people out there who self-proclaimed as a blogger just by having a page on their own , stealing the lights which the professionals deserves. Creating a website of your own doesn't mean that you are a blogger. It requires a lot of time and effort - and also dedication , which is. something I have yet found in this field. 

This page of mine usually consists about my life , and where I share things that revolves around me.I really love to share things about what I like to do , about my own thoughts , about myself.

 I do not intend to go too far , aiming big to create a name in this field because I prefer to live in my comfort zone. I'm glad that people read my page because of me - and I want people to read my page, for me only. When things gets too commercialized, I'll lose my originality in this page. I don't like the idea of people saying that I am different online and in reality. 

I really love blogging. But, it is not the way you think it is.

I review things and that is my genuine comment and thoughts about it. I really love it when I receive emails from people because of my blog, and I reply every email. I read and I reply with the position of myself - not as a blogger. I don't think I am influential in anyway, and if you think so, thank you for recognizing me when I don't even recognize myself.  

I'd prefer to remain where I am with this page of mine , keeping the originality at this moment. 

Yes, I have a blog. 

But, I am not a blogger.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hood By Air.

Had a mini shoot with best friend the other day. We chose grey sky morning as our location because the ambiance matches with the b/w coordinate we match with. This is definitely not her genre as she's always bubbly and happy, while I'm colder and mean. I guess, she work herself out to accommodate with me.

I bought matching HBA long sleeve shirt for us .

I have been eyeing on Hood By Air designs ever since they got their name popular , playing one of the trendy role in street style brands. It started with simplicity and now, the designs are getting more complicated. I bought this because this is one of the most simple and classic design. 

The simplicity also represent our friendship ; black and white resembles all or nothing. 

ps, I'm the sweetest best friend ever,no ?

Hope you like the pictures as much as I do. 

Just a warm up , lol.

Some solo shoots ;

And more of us ;

As you can see, 
she is losing it. 

She is back to her normal self , just after a while.

We are supposed to look cool, babyb!

You don't know how many times I roll my eyes in a day when I'm with her, really. lol.

loving this picture alot.


this sums up our friendship.

I don't even know how both of us actually click when we are totally contrast in everything. Sometimes, I don't even know how I handle her. lol.

These pictures are definitely priceless. I don't know how are we going to speak about this a few years later. We were laughing at our first photo taken together back in highschool just a few months ago.

I miss you, babyb.

ps ; this design is unavailable in juicekl malaysia so I got mine from ; if you're interested, you can also check

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AMPM cafe .

I have visited AMPM cafe one or two weeks after it's soft opening. This cafe is located in the area beside the Main Place, near Oh Scooter Cafe. Besides being new, I heard that they have beautiful interior just right for pictures, lol. 

The counter is really simple. 

They have two floors and I'd suggest you guys to head for the second floor. We were downstairs and it was terribly hot with the sun shining through despite we are already sitting inside. I can't stand heat. My back was facing towards the door and I could feel it burning. No, not exaggerating. 

They only have limited choices of food tho;

Turkey Ham Egg Benedict ; 
with harsh brown as the based. 

I was disappointed by this. I should have chose salmon instead of turkey ham. It wasn't fresh at all. Not to say that the portion was really small. 

Salmon Egg Benedict ;
with normal toast bread as base.

Oh, this is so much better than the turkey ham one. Perhaps the harsh brown will be a better base. No, you don't count calories on Mondays lol. 

Big Breakfast ;
which is really huge and tummy filling.

I hope that this could be improvise because it looks really weird without greens. Their big breakfast are slightly different from the ones you could find outside, is they have sambal beans by the side. This plate merge with our Malaysian cuisine, which was good! 

Yay, Malaysia!

Baked Eggs.

I am not sure if this could be better than the one in Red Bean Bag. I think it's equally good. The cheese was massive. I recommend this!

After brunch, we have a good talk -catching up with lives. I am blessed that I have seniors that give me advises and tips about how to cope with my current studies. It's really nice being the youngest.

Passed time with Monopoly.

And, I hated this game since young.

And, I need to satisfy my cravings for my sweet tooth so here it is -

Green Tea Red Bean Moist Cake ;
which was not my liking.

It was too sweet -.- 

ugh so much for sweet tooth cravings .

Hot Chocolate ;
which is supposed to be their speciality,

However, the milk wasn't hot enough to melt the chocolate. Please remind the person to heat it up longer. If not, it'll really look awkward.

We were invited by the owner to head to the second floor to take pictures. We didn't know about this at first. It looks better upstairs. And also, it's colder. 

Didn't want to miss out any photoshooting moments , lol.

This is the ever first time I wore lavender purple . What do you think about my pastel outfit?


Loving bricks.

Don't tell me that you guys don't do the same alright.

Just girls being girls. 

This is actually a meet up before everyone fly back to UK. Hating the end of August because everyone is going back to study. 

Summertime sadness.

Sorry for the spam.


One more ok!