Monday, October 7, 2013

Komugi Cafe.

Look at how sick I look in this picture. I was looking rather terrible than usual that day so, I dap foundation on rather than just BB cream.
 I  received an email about the product I use for my make up and honestly, i don't think I could do a tutorial about it because I don't do full make up. There are flaws all around and the magic is just the app I use to edit the pictures and also, the lightning of the venue ( WHICH IS SUPER IMPORTANT) . I'll try to do when I have time to snap the picture of my products and briefly mention about it. So don't expect a picture by picture steps. 

Look at how bloated my cheeks are. I really need to cut the habit of me drinking water at night. I can never take picture from straight angle when I look all bloated. 

I finally visited Komugi Cafe at Pavillion which every girl go squealing about how 'kawaii' it is. And honestly, rather than the adorable pastel feel design of the place - I think the things they serve are good. I'm not a very girly girl so I don't go places based on how they look. 

But still,
I can't deny how adorable they design they rolls or cakes.  This is definitely a japanese thing. 

The rolls we order. 

 I'm sorry that I forget the names but these are not on the menu . You have to personally go to the counter and choose yourself. Try the right one because they are strawberry flavored and the cream was good. The left one which is my choice just taste abit better than the pandan ones you buy from a simple convenient store which is rather disappointing.

@RM 4.90


TOTORO coffee art on my cappucino! 

I wish I took a picture of Jacinth's coffee art too. I totally forget about it. I was so jealous when her cup came first. I scrunch my face up like a kid because hers is HELLO KITTY!

Don't judge. I'm still a girl after all.

As greedy as we are, we took two breads. One melon bun and cream bun ( on the right) . Gosh, you don't know how good the cream feeling is. It was yums!

I give them all five stars because they do pretty coffee art and good service. Maybe, the pastries and cake are little more pricey than the other bakery out there but it's definitely worth the price.

and lastly,

My ootd. 

Yes, I need to update my wardrobe.