Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Bee.

Look at how tired I look despite smiling at the camera. I only got 3 hours of sleep before waking up to fetch my sister to Fahrenheit 88 to collect her tickets. 

Then, I walk over to H&M for a little while but not pavi because it's raining ):

Babysis haven't been to publika before so I brought her over for late lunch . I brought her to The Bee which is one of my favorite place in publika. I celebrated my birthday here this year, too. Besides that, I only know that they have churros in publika and I have been craving for that since forever.

This is the first time I seat outside. The weather was rather good , and there are shades over. Haven't been enjoying the weather so much in Malaysia because the rest of the days is hot like f#$%^&@k -.-

There's a tropical feel in this , matching with my bohamian top.


Prawn Pomodoro ,
which I recommend .

It's so good , I swear. There are quite generous in the number of prawns and the size of it isn't disappointing either. I think you guys should try this ( nod heads enthusiastically )

Potato Salad .

We were surprised that there isn't any veggies in it but just baked potato and bacon which made both of us go insane. Unfortunately, this is a sharing dish because it's a no way you can finish this by yourself. Potatoes are too filling. The sauce they use drives us nuts , but makes me get sick of it later on. 

Mei Mei. :)



Churros with caramel ! 

You can also have nutella ; either one. I'll never choose chocolate and also, did I mention that I like caramel ?

Gosh, this is soooooooooooo good. 

Trying to pretend that I'm somewhere not in Malaysia. 

You know what, I think shades is REALLY useful. Besides protecting your eyes from the sun , it can cover up your swollen eyes and no make up face. I always have eyebag / eye circle problems because my sleeping time is all screwed up. I only use foundation / BB cream which is not enough to cover them. Shades just make it all prettier in picture, trust me. 

I'm trying so hard.

alright , till then.