Monday, October 14, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest ' 13

Hey guys , 
I believe that you have heard about Nuffnang Food Fest held at Sunway Pyramid not long ago. This is quite a big event for nuffnang-ers . I've received two emails , one for myself and one for raqul reed regarding of this event. 

I can't believe that made this event such a delightful one. Can you imagine you just have to tweet / instagram the initials they want you guys to , and then give you free food. It's really amazing that you just have to do something so simple in order to get your tummy filled. The event started at 3pm and ends at 10pm. So practically, you are going to have your brunch, coffee break , dinner and even early supper - without paying anything. ( Alright, maybe for the parking fee but seriously , you don't need to be stingy on that.)

Compared to the free meals, I'm more attracted to the sponsors they have. They have the very famous Burger Lab which is on going in trend , Chatime , Hummingbirds , Nandos , Juice Works , Crazy Potato and much more that you could think of. Trust me that there are no disappointing food over there. I really feel sorry for those who miss this event out. It's open to the public , as long as you have your phone with you . Of course you have to have data to tweet. If not, please beg somebody for hotspot and just screw the phone bill for once. It's not easy to have a taste of everything in a day!

I went there around 5pm because I had errands to run before this. I registered at the counter which was required on the email as a blogger. They have me one macaroon in pink which made my day. I was so thirsty so I headed to juice works first.

All I have to do is tweet ' #juiceworks #NNFest ' and they give me a free drink ! Even though it couldn't be compared to the usual size which I paid for , it's still good enough to quench my thirst.

I tweeted this because I was really happy. Was I that thirsty?

Then I went over to meet up with my babes because I actually told them about this the day before. I definitely don't want to go alone. When I reach, they are already queuing for Burger Lab!

I only had it once and it's was good. It definitely is gonna taste better, f r e e .

We just can't help it.

It's amazing how they have different type of petty every hour. One thing about them is they are always creative. It's so amazing how they could lure people back to their stall again and again, with different flavors. Who wouldn't want to try them all - what more without paying? 

And this is me getting my mini burger snapping a pic to post on instagram :)

Perhaps it's smaller than the one you purchase in store. But honestly, you can't just whine over that since it's free of charge. Besides that, I'm really surprise at the size of their petty and the fillings they have inbetween the charcoal breads. Honestly, how could they be so generous of giving us so much when they are not charging? The cheese is already visible from far. You just don't know how blessed we look when we take the first bite - no exaggeration. 

My pathetic going to melt nitrogen ice cream in mini size. This fun size is just good enough. I don't wanna filled my tummy with this , only!

Mini Ninja Joe burger, yums!


Nandos in a cute box. 

They are pretty generous too! And they even provide the sauce at the side for us to pour into our box! Yums! 

And lastly, 
the most generous - 

The shop which is located outside of TGV Cinema in Sunway Pyramid. I remember how I used to sneak them in the cinema with my bag but it's worth it. I can't believe that they are giving out so many in a cup. Yes, each of us has a cup !

They offer Honey Mustard ( which is my favorite) , Mayonnaise , Cheese and Wasabi flavor.

Definitely gonna choose the honey mustard one. Holding nandos and the cup in one hand. Leave me alone to be greedy.

My love story with Chatime ;


I always love Chatime and my favorite drink is , Red Bean Milk Tea. They used to have seasonal drinks and one of my favorite is Taro Milk Tea but apparently, they don't sell that anymore. My sisters and I have chatime card each. We just love this so much , even my grandpa drinks it. They offer three kind of drinks and I took two - Pear juice and the coffee jelly milk tea. I think the coffee jelly one was great because it's pretty filling. Pear juice was the last thing I took for the day to quench my thirst, again. I like how there are pear fillings in the drink. 

Seriously , chatime - why are you so awesome?

The BEST part of this event is, 
they gives out FREE portable charger for people if their phones are lower than 10% in battery percentage or your phone completely died because you tweet too much for your food. 

I definitely need this one because I went with a 80% and end up with a 6% in 3 hours time because I'm spamming my social media about this event. I was one of the lucky ones who get them because there are limited in stock.

It's so thin and light, plus it's in pure white.

That rhymes pretty well, lol. I'm really thankful for this because this is gonna save my life. I'm so sick of carrying the charger in my bag and desperately looking for plugs all around the place. I love smart phones but the battery definitely suck a whole lot. 

I really did enjoy myself in this event and definitely, one of my favorite ones. What more can you ask for when you have free food in many choices , power bank and fun time with your friends? 

I think FOOD FEST is a success!

How about you? 

Did you enjoy it?