Friday, October 25, 2013

Styling Icon ; 2NE1 Park Bom

It have been a while since I've blog about clothings. I wanted to use the word 'fashion' but I don't think I'm qualify to use so. I'm getting lazier these days. Now, I'm going all comfortable and casual. By following the trend, I actually bought a few pairs of leggings to pair with my long tees. 

I always like complicated prints . Before this, I was crazy over animal prints. I have alot of it now so I go a step higher by buying bohamian or rather messy prints. It might seemed a little too exaggerating to be put on but trust me that it will make you look slightly slimmer. Especially those complicated prints or digital prints which focus on your waist - it definitely work magic.

And ,
I got these style inspirations from one of my favorite kpop girl group, 2NE1 - my bias, Park Bom.

Look at how beautiful she is.

I cannot deny that it's obvious that she undergo surgeries to look like this but it's not going to change what I think of her. She has an amazing voice , not to say one of the most perfect figure in the whole industry and those long doll-like legs which I love ( because I have a pair which I hate alot out of every part of my body).
As I fan, I just hate how people just comment on how much surgeries she have been through instead of her singing. Like seriously bitches , have you listen to Don't Cry acoustic version live -.- 

But that's not the whole point of it. 

Right now, I want to talk about the way she dress on stage or off stage. She normally wears bodycon / tight dresses. She looks amazing in it because she really do have the body to do so. I love how she wear those dresses with complicated prints on it. 

Like these.

I think this is misfits ?

The lastest , Kesh x American Apparel design :)

Mary Katrantzou .

Which obviously, is altered shorter .

Mary Katrantzou , again in Falling in love.

Givenchy! - which is my favorite brand currently because of the prints.

I love her dresses , practically with everything she wore on stage with those prints. It's just amazing how the stylist alter the dresses to show off her assets. The givenchy one is obviously a shirt , but look at how amazing it is on her and looking like a dress.

Besides that , she did wear plain colours and 'normal' designs too . Not alot of people liking girls wearing such crazy prints. I hate how people restrict girls should tone down in fashion, wearing paler colour or softer tone. Please -.- Not every girl wants to go all the fairytale style all the time. I like to be a bad ass, kenot izzit -.-

The middle one is Mary Katrantzou and the right one is , Alexander Wang latest collection which is so pretty!

She does look good in mini bodycon dresses, no?

She even rock in pants.

I know that you are gonna mean and say that it was all the stylist job so there's a few airport fashion photos.

Still amazing as ever, Bommie. 

The other day where I have to go on wedding dinner, I didn't attempt to imitate her but looking back to the pictures, there's a reminder of her in how I dress. So  I did this post featuring her and actually share my thoughts about what I would like to wear. 

I got all the accessories in B&W . But my nails are in mint blue colour! 

And of course , thick make up featuring thick eyeliners but with basic fake lashes together with red lips . I chose a darker red instead of bright red . It does look exaggerating but I like.

what I wear ;

The print is so chinese oriental. I should have keep it for CNY instead lol. 

Don't you realize how bad ass (GZB) I look?

This is something that Park Bom wore before . You realize the resemblance of  both dresses?
And the price is gonna be heaven and hell , lol.

That's what I wear for the wedding. 

I am starting to buy more bodycon and crazy prints stuff - even shirts. I guess, this is my current hots for clothings. And people, I am finally not wearing slippers ok! :)

I guess, this post isn't anything much but my effort of finding bommie's pic pays off right?

till then.