Friday, August 30, 2013

The Carpenter's Daughter .

The other day, I stay over my bitch's place. This is like an annual thing for us. So, we would have some girly time together and then hang out the next day wherever we want to.

We woke up late, again -.-

She brought me to The Carpenter's Daughter in taipan for brunch.

The lunch set is only RM19.90++ for Soup + Your choice of Main course + Iced Peach Tea or Iced Lemon Tea.

They have around 10 different main course and I swear, I will return to try their pasta or so. 

It's really cheap for the lunch set. 

The mushroom soup is a little cold though.

My choice of main course is Beef Bacon Sandwich , which was pretty healthy if you don't take the whole fries down. 

Zhiwei's choice of Cottage pie . She said that the whole thing is mashed potato so I supposed that it's super feeling. 

Clearer picture of her dish. 

Oh well, busy woman .

& this is me, spilling my chili sauce all over ):

till then.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Combine with bliss.

I met up with Donniena , quite sometime ago to catch up. I feel really blessed that we still keep in touch despite the fact that we are not in the same uni. Oh well, I haven't start mine yet. I'll be taking a long break till next year. You can call me lazy , and I am not denying that. You don't know how good it feels like to feel so free and have a screwed up body clock because you have no worries about tomorrow - about homework, exams and shits . It's not gonna last long but I'm enjoying it now.

We settled down at Delicious in Bangsar Village because we are so sick of antipodean, despite how good it is. 

What favors me the most is the lunch set promotion which is RM28++  which give you a choice of your main dish , iced lemon tea and a cake of your choice on the menu.
It's really worth it! But the lunch set is only on weekdays from 12pm-3pm , so please get your timing right. If not you could go for the hi-tea set for two person with the price of RM60++ . The set is a little big for two person so I guess it could be share to three , or even four. You guys might have to just order two extra drinks and I swear, it save a whole lot.

I think, it's not necessary to pay more to get the same amount of quantity or quality of food. So, I share the info! 

AW, how nice of me :)

Her choice of Nasi Kunyit as main dish.

I'm not sure whether that's called Nasi Kunyit though. That's what I thought of when i see this picture. This portion is so worth it because it's so BIG! 

My choice of Salad because.. I need salad , wtf.

And ,
we shared chocolate pudding which most people claimed that it was good . I am never a fan of chocolate so I ate the vanilla ice cream . I think it's quite a good dessert for chocolate lovers. I see alot of people ordering it. I took my tiramisu back because we are filled .

And yes, 

All time favorite cappuccino , which is RM 11 per cup and I swear every drop of it is worth the price.

The coffee is thicker and the coffee art on top , are not soft foams . You can totally see how solid the top is and I could say, this is one of the best cappuccino I had.





I should post this on insta instead of the first one. She so cute right! I KENOT - 

And lastly, 
my ootd!

Instead of the fierce tiger which I always go for , I go for a more ordinary Cat face . 


My dress is from RAQUL REED .

It's one of the best selling dress last season.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coffee Societe

So this is a continuous from the previous because I want more quantity in blogpost. 

This time, 
I head to Coffee Societe for coffee break.

My beautiful coffee art on top of my cappucino with baby blue cup. 

It actually matched my mini dress , in colour. I bought this floral dress from BKK for only 100baht :) 

Suddenly, I feel that my Ip4s is doing wonders.

Why does all my coffee picture look so beautiful and I look like shit when I'm camwhoring? I love my phone so much but they love me more then coffee. #fml

The three of us ordered cappucino! Oh well, cappucino is the best out of all anyways. 

It's RM 7 per cup, I supposed which is REALLY affordable and honestly, it really good.

Continuous shots by my Bernice Tay Tay! :)

And more coffee art pictures I took. I just need to post them all up because it look so artistic and beautiful. Weichan and I couldn't stop comparing our coffee art. I really can't explain how crazy my friends and I are sometimes. We just do the weirdest things and find the joy out of it. 

Oh well, little things in life.

Drink coffee also so pretty...

life's unfair TT

And the pictures we took with our lousy phone. I think we need someone who owns an ip5 out everytime. Too lazy to bring cameras.


Before I sign off,

How beautiful.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Bean Bag.


This is another food post for you guys. I went to Red Bean Bag & Coffee Societe on the same day but I've decided to separate them into two posts so it's easier for you guys to search. 

Girls and I supposed to be in Sunway Giza for a restaurant but I guess, it closed down so #fuckourlives . Then we ended up at Publika again. It's no joke when I say that I go to publika more often than bangsar now.  Just by sorting out my pictures have made me realized how much I have spent this month and it hurts.

I normally order a portion and share it with my girls. Normally we can't finish our food and I don't think anyone would wanna pay more and waste food, so we always settle it like this. 

Big Breakfast at RM28

It was all good but there is not enough mushroom. I cannot explain how much I love mushroom. I think antipodean serve the best Big Breakfast so far. 

Skyscraper at RM 22.

I swear that this is the fluffiest and yummiest pancake I have ever tasted so far. I thought that they exaggerated the texture of the pancake in the description right under the title of this dish , but no. It is indeed fluffy enough to make us look at each other, with the most exaggerate expression you could imagine. 

A must try!

I'm not a fan of chocolate so I took the middle pancakes instead of the top one. 

It's so yummy, it deserves more photos.

My girls and I upload the same picture of the pancake on insta because we need to tell the world how yummy is this TT

Till then. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch up.

My college mates finally came down to KL after me complaining and whining the way through. Sorry that I am fluttering myself. They actually came down to check up on the Unis they want to head to. We managed to find a time to have a dinner together despite how pack their schedules are.

Ah, so blessed.

We settled down at the Bee, Publika.

It's one of my favorite restaurant in Publika and not to mention that the price is really affordable . I used to go to Bangsar so often but right now, it's like Publika all the way. If I'm lazy, I'll head to Setiawalk. Too much cafes for me to try out. 

And of the reason why The Bee is my favorite place because, it has 


I was so greedy that I requested for two sets of Churros . One set contains 4 sticks and it's RM9 . You can choose two toppings , nutella chocolate and caramel. We got both. 

NO to Nutella for me but the other girls was going gaga over it. I love the caramel one. I always love caramel! 


Jacinth's Polaroid.

It was quite freaky because it's the 'time' of the year . We were looking at each other with eyes wide like this  O.O when we took two and nothing came out. Just blank and white. 

Vita's Queen pose, lol.


I bet this dress is really familiar to you guys. I already seen more than 3 people wearing this dress from fb/instagram . I bought it at RM80 and the last time I went back to kitschen, it's like 70% off. I couldn't explain how pissed I am, gr.



My chitalian friend! :)

Then we went over to Mamak Anderson , to chill and shisha. 

It was a great dinner and night catching up with the girls. This dinner make me realized how near I am before stepping into working life. It feels like we just met in Taylor's yesterday and right now, we are heading to Uni already. 

Time flies , huh?

So appreciate people around you because you don't know who would be leaving soon. I believe that not everyone is that hardworking to keep in touch. I have a few cases myself and it really did breaks my heart. 
Oh well,
We shouldn't have time for people who don't have time for us. 

Till then.

I could finally fit in this after 3 months of purchasing it.