Thursday, June 30, 2011


This took me a quite long time to blog about this and also,I'm blogging about this as a super girl fan so don't mind me , getting emotional or insane.

If you read chinese newspapers or maybe you have heard of it,
Wuzun had left Fahrenheit.

This announcement is made last week by HIM MUSIC , Fahrenheit's official company to the world and this news is already confirmed. Wuzun, real name Goh Kiat Chun is no longer a member of Fahrenheit. Thus, his name is Wuzun not Fahrenheit's Wuzun anymore.
They save he decided to quit showbiz world by the end of next year because he's married but he never admit it so it might be rumors.

And lately,
a member, Arron Yan had removed Calvin from his weblog.They believed that they have a lot of conflicts in between them after Wuzun left. Calvin, Jiro and Arron have been having conflicts with the company.

And when they're suppose to say , " Hello. We're Fahrenheit." Arron didn't voice out at all. Only Calvin and Jiro voiced out. Arron didn't want to accept the fact that Wuzun had left. Wuzun is the closest in Fahrenheit.

And really,
Why is this happening?

Where's the Fahrenheit I used to love? Where's the smile on their faces everytime I see them? Where's the anxiousness from them when they hear their members name? Where's their anger when they hear other people criticizing their members?Where's the courage to take up blames together?Where's the love they share to give to the fans? Where's the voice where they used to sing together? Where's the promises they used to keep together?

Where is it?

Why is the 6 years curse happening on them?

You see the pictures above.

You guys were so united.

Why is this happening?

I don't want to accept the fact that Fahrenheit is not complete anymore.

camwhore (;

What's the use of complaining and protesting?

Decisions have been made. It's already final and we, as fan could change nothing but to see them split and separate from each other.

The effort which each of them gave out to build up fahrenheit. The tears they cry, the laughter , the smile and everything they gave in to become a member of Fahrenheit wouldn't be faked.

Those times where Arron being bullied by the other three , Wuzun being annoyed by Calvin, Jiro and Wuzun going gym together wouldn't be aired on the tv anymore. Four of them wouldn't be standing together anymore. And they wouldn't hold the same trophy and shout , " FAHRENHEIT, WE'VE MADE IT." anymore. They wouldn't appear on the same music video anymore.


my bia is Calvin.

But to me, if four of them isn't standing together..They're not Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit consists of Wuzun, Jiro , Arron and Calvin.


Never ever.

I may accept the fact that Wuzun had left Fahrenheit.

nomatter what..

Wuzun will always be a part of Fahrenheit, a part of the boys.

Now, I truly hope Arron will be okay with Jiro and Calvin. I don't want to see another member leaving the group. From four become three , Fahrenheit can't afford to lose another member. They're suppose to stick together , to fight all this together. I hope they aren't leaving each other.

No matter what,
I will never forget about Fahrenheit. They're not only my highschool idols , the people who gave me hope. They made my dreams come through.

I've met them approximately seven times and only one time, they failed me which is the last Canon event. If I would know the future, I would go up the stage by buying a camera.

Sigh :/


But nomatter what,
you guys are still the same to me.

Wuzun , Calvin, Jiro and Arron = Fahrenheit.

I love Fahrenheit , forever and always.

I hope Wuzun would find what he wants in future. Thanks for being one part of fahrenheit.From the fans all around the world.

Fahrenheit is the best! (;

your super fan girl.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running around leaving scars

The world is suppose to be beautiful.

everyone is suppose to be happy and carefree.But,why some idiots just have to ruined somebody else's happiness?Why can people just bring others up and push them down like they don't mean anything.Don't you feel mean, guilty and bad? They're so innocent.They're just a passerby but you kept them,and when you don't need the securities they give you already,you pushed them away like trash. Like a rubbish that isn't worth anything.

Why are some people so selfish?

Why do you always put yourself in the center of the spotlight?Why are you so selfish and protective of yourself? How could you throw people's kindness around like you're playing basketball.Throwing around people's kindness and feelings like nothing.

who do you think you are?

Who are you to control everything?

So leaving scars all around makes you a good person or makes you look cooler?

I'll see how far this will take you.

ps. this is the first time, I feel like I'm hating you so much.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drop This.

The picture above abit SS trololol.

So on friday, I went out to Shogun for TzeYue's early birthday celebration.It was just a small celebration between close friends so yeah.Kind of regretted wearing the dress tho.Bra exposed for like 90% of the pictures.Okay, fml.

Formspring question attack TT.

Oh well,

Reached round' 730pm.


take pictures first.

birthday girl.

The one in yellow .


and then, we went over to take food.

makan fest :D


And then, we talked. By the meantime when we talk, Angeline and HweeShan went to get TzeYue some cupcakes and it totally surprise her. And then some oldies style birthday song was played by Shogun.

We actually laughed our heads off.

And then we camwhore the whole night long.

You know,
those the non-stop-snapping camwhore thing?

I suck at explaining so I assume you to know.

it's fun tho (;

k out of pose d.


Okay, I'm the last one standing hoho.

still dunwan give up :D

In between, there are more pictures but I don't feel like posting it. It's wtf.

Me and tzeyue.


Tzeyue gave us each a thankyou gift.Totally love the lip gloss :p


And most of all,


I TOTALLY HAD FUN. 2 hours is too short.



Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm caught inbetween and confused.I don't know what to do.I'm doubting everything inside.My mind is blank, all I want is back to square one.

Why isn't things going my way? ):

p.s I miss you already - GNA

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Like wtf,
it's going to be end of june already.

Here to blog bout outings.

A day with sook and mingli.

I think it was on the 7th. And really, our redbox moment only took us 2 hours which was fast. Another catching up session with ze girls.

And on the 12 with long time no see, ze bitch.

2 years ago, you can only see our picture on my blog because she's my only camwhore partner in school. You guys miss her, no?

Left the house round' two or so.


And then to tutti frutti, yums!

and really, we just couldn't stop doing our thang!

Nope, we never plan to do the expression. It's like a linkage thing between us.Best friends really best friends (;

Toilet break!

Heart to heart talk!


and once again,


I have more picture than this but really, it takes forever to upload so yeah. Plus also, some cannot make it so..yeah lor.

There are alot of outings during the hols but some without pictures.Boys don't camwhore, you know -.- Why got people don't love camera one!

this marks up a post.

Day by Day,
the words are getting lesser and pictures is getting more!