Saturday, March 30, 2013


Every family have their own way to communicate with each other. As we grow up, we don't just talk to our parents like how we used to talk to. Don't tell me that you still go jumping on your parent's lap and whine like a desperate person when you want something from them. Oh well, that's what I used to do to make my parents / grandparents to buy things for me and it works every single time ^^

Have you guys realized that as you grow up , you just find it hard to talk to your parents anymore? 

As for me, I am very close to my father and infact, I think he is the coolest person on earth. Nobody is perfect but I still think that he is one amazing father. He literally give me almost every single thing I want if he can afford. I am lucky enough that I am brought up in one stress-less family. My father don't go all stressing me to study or expect me to get a 100% in my test. He is that kind of person that actually ask me to take a break from studying.

He actually brings me to dimsum in the morning before my econs test and I died in the paper. And when I told him that , he actually smile and say - it's not the finals. Why are you stressing yourself?

He doesn't know how scare am I that I am going to fail my a levels. I don't want him to waste all his money like that on me. I definitely don't want to be that kind of person that go all night partying and screw the studies because we are only young once. And , I don't want to be a nerd that stays at home only facing my books and not to social. I can say that it's hard for me to find a balance but as long as I don't fail, I am blessed. He is even more blessed, haha.

He give me too much freedom that I rebel alot though. And it's sick that he still support me whenever I am wrong. I still remember how he tell me that - you're my daughter. I'll always be there for you even you're doing something wrong. And that gave me so much determination to not disappoint him again. He don't go tying me up and cane me or yell/shout at me and remind me my faults but instead , he will ask me to move on with my life and forget about it.

I know, you're jealous because he is really different.

And from the freedom I have I actually done all the illegal things . Oh well, It's illegal since you're underage and some of them, my dad brought me with him - like clubbing?

I believe if you follow my blog for a quite sometime, you should know that I shisha but of course not so often nowadays because I don't even have time to do so. As a blogger, I should build up a good girl image and stuff but heck no - I don't like to pretend and make another personality on the world wide web . Even if people judges , I'll still admit the truth about me and of course, if it's fake - I'll definitely defend myself.
Those innocent and good girl style will never be my style, I can assure you that. lol.

it just makes me pissed off everytime I can find somebody who shisha with me.

They are either too busy . Oh well, some of my friends whom shisha actually are in different college . Some of them would have things to do when I am free or so. I sometimes hope we will be like how highschool is because we have the same timetable and we definitely have time for each other.

So, everytime when I crave for it especially during exams or when I'm emotional - I just don't know what to do because I have noone to go with me. I don't wanna look like a loner.

But now, it's all settled because I have


I am pretty sure you have heard about this.

It's a kind of e-cigarette. And, I need to clarify that I don't smoke. I shisha but I don't do cigarette because I don't want my teeth to turn yellow or my breath to be stinky. I don't think I wanna take up smoking in future either. Okay, you can say me kiasi or whatever hahaha.

And this cool thing actually comes with a flavor in a super cute bottle.

This is apple flavor.

Oh well, of course you have to purchase the flavor separately to refill la. Where got so nice everything come together one LOL!

This is the set I receive.

Eh, my picture look so pro right? K, I'll post it on insta because I LOA for likes :D

And the wire is to charge it when it ran out of battery.

I chose the white one because it look so elegant. I wanted matte black colour but I guess white would look better for a girl :D

My clothes doesn't match -.-

Oh god, why did I wear neon and I don't look badass enough fml.

I should put on red lipstick and some lace top or something zz. But oh well, I can only snap this kind of pic when I'm out with my friend. My sister would ruin the picture up . SHIT MAN, NOW I REALIZE MY NOSTRILS SO VISIBLE AND MY NOSE SO FLAT. Oh god ._. 

But it didn't matter because the main point is on the EGO. :D

You don't know how much this actually help me. I look less desperate because I don't need to go around looking for my friends to go shisha with me and release my stress lol.

And the price is definitely reasonable. 

You can get it for RM150 AND BELOW! The seller so nice can negotiate one. Faster go con a few flavors HAHAHAHA.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact YEAN at 017-3260867.

Remember to tell him that you got this from me okay! You don't just go buy this awesome thing and then never give me some credit -.-

this doesn't mean I am a BAAAAAAAAD girl.

peace out.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


My trials is over today since I've dropped maths.

I know you guys think it's weird that I don't take maths. But really, I can't count. 

Do you know I actually carry a calculator in my bag? HAHAH

this boring blogpost will consist the pictures which is in my phone since forever. Bare the bad quality of iphone4s ok?

And, I tied a korean bun for a random day out with the fam. 

I also can act kewwwt one!:)

Black Sugar Dessert in a dessert shop in taipan. XiuMing brought me here and it taste so damn good, omfg.

This is my snack time.

I was so discipline back then and right now, I'm a mess. 

I was suppose to top it with yogurt but I ran out of yogurt but it still taste as good. 

One of my favorite accessory from Raqul Reed!

My love for skulls and studs is going worse.

Look at my AXQ inspired ring.

Sorry, I can't afford the authentic one.

Totally recommend Tobiko from Quick and Easy. 

This taste so freaking awesome I swear!

Gonna be up on RR soon so stay tuned! :)

The other day, I was pampered for a massage and spa despite having my tort law the next day hahaha. I can't wait to see how bad my result is, really.

K Byye.

That's why my readers left me .


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good luck for trials :3

Friday, March 15, 2013



I swear I always have time for this.

Half dead for trials .

They asked whether I want bangs and I said no. Either way, they did my fringe so short that I can't even..



Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Class photoshoot with classmates the other day.

Bad hair cut wtf.

I love how they just leave some of my bleached hair on and make it look like there are shades of red between my hair. What is making me upset is my black hair roots are slowly growing back. 

I want my hair to grow longer and I can't stop cutting it.



Our black floral themed outfits are way too matching , look at our haaaair colour also.

The differences is , I look like a giant beside her.

Tell me how to cut down on limbs? ):


I swear that she is the only person who never gives up on me ever since college started. I don't know where her determination come from. Too awesome, I can say.

Both of us change hair colours too often. I look like his mum , lololol.

Emilyyyy /

Jacinth :D

Sorry , our outfits are really niceeeee.

I think this picture is very nice even if it's taken under such awkward situation.

But I'm glad such small argument never changes anything and I would lie if there isn't any silent moments inbetween . That's how things are when things are starting ti get back together right?

And it's sick how people try to make things worse inbetween.

They can't just grow up and mind their own business. I have no idea how angry was I when I saw something they did on purpose to make things worse. I want to pull their hair out , gr. And it's not as if, whatever they say would change my mind from what I believe in.

As you grow up, you know who tell the lies and who tell the truth.

You can talk and lie all you want to other people and make them believe you - tbh, it's not going to change anything because I'm going to look so lowly on you. I just don't know how people can spend so much time bad-mouthing you, ruining your friendship.... all this highschool drama. I really don't know why they don't finish these things in highschool.

I love you long time. It feels good to be forgiven.


Monday, March 11, 2013

A break

Everyone have their own way of relieving their pressure at the day by doing something peaceful that makes them forget that worries, sorrows and thoughts which bother them. I guess, everyone needs a break - needs a get away from it for a while. It doesn't have to be done physically , like going abroad or on a trip. Sometimes, we just have to find little things that we enjoy to make us relax , care free from anything that bother us. 

Everyone deserve the rest - in mind , spending time alone.

Some of them prefer to sit at home , lie on the couch and do nothing. Some prefer to talk about life with their friends. Some prefer to wait till night time, find a bar with nice music and get a few cups of alcohol to relax themselves. Some head to the club, party hard and get wasted. Some of them just prefer to spend sometime alone, doing things they want living like somebody else. 
Some people just need a cup of good coffee and environment.

There is some days where you just don't want to care , think about things that bother you - give you pressure. There are some days where you want to completely feel nothing - not too happy, not to sad and a little empty. Some days you just want to be alone , thinking the path of your life , things you want to do and make sure there won't be any regrets.

And out of everything I have listed above, I chose to have a cup of good coffee and do my own things. 

There's a new cafe near my college , serving good pastries , westerns and of course , light coffees. Of course, they couldn't be compared to starbucks or dome for their drinks but their interior is beautiful and the food is glad. 
It's just sad that it's not quiet enough for you to relax yourself.

And the other day when I was alone , 
I head there for breakfast.


TBH, I don't know how to pronounce this in real life although I know the spelling. 

Their awesome garden salad with strawberries and raspberries - together with the strawberry topping :)

All time favorite, caramel macchiato .

My breakfast is complete . And they look so pretty :) 

The camwhore pictures weren't from the day I have my breakfast though. I just think that they matches well, so yeah.

And ,
I just went out with a naked eye ( no eyeline and mascara) . 

I can't believe there's people interested in the way I put on my daily make up for outings, lol. Unless we are heading to malls or do something important, if not I wouldn't have any make up on. Who goes to mamak and a random dinner with layers of make up anyway?

Oh well, 
maybe the next time I'll reveal my make up kits for you because I honestly think that my make up sucks . I CAN'T EVEN DRAW MY BROWS PROPERLY ):

have you find a way to relax yourself yet?