Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here inside my heart ;

I was planning to squeeze all the picture in a post but I guess it's not a good option. I doubt anyone would actually spend sometime scrolling then. And, I do not have much pictures from my camera so I just copy down some from fb.
you know that I really do enjoy myself in this Penang trip. I truly feel sorry for those who did not open themselves up in the trip. Little dramas happened , of course. It's just a MUST thing in every trip or even outings. Those people who insulted the trip being boring or not fun are the ones who start the drama. To be honest, you didn't have fun because you wanted all attention on you and it didn't happen. Keep denying or so , god knows who am I talking about. Problem child.

I'm not going to list out everything in detail of the trip because I don't think it would help to make you feel or understand any of the part of the trip because only those who went can feel it. Right , guys?

Pictures do the talking ?
Okay, maybe with a little bit of captions?

1. So, this was taken when I was trying to doll up before heading to the school. I have no idea why I wanna doll up too, it's like I'm sitting in the bus. Oh well. And twins came over around 5pm and then, that fella in the picture came around 7pm(; then we headed to Old Town White Coffee for dinner. Just did some catching up about life, as usual.

2. After dolling up , some camwhore pics. Omg, I just realise my fashion is getting worse. I look like a pasar aunty. D:

3. Group picture with the oh so excited face before heading to Penang.

4. Last picture we set off to school. Daddy fetch all of us to school and then, he passed me money $$. Gave him a hug then move up to the bus. And everyone was there. Could feel the omg-i'm-so-excited feeling growing in all of us. In other words, the feeling is awesome .

5. There we go. Most of us group at the back of the bus and talk about things. And the creepy part is, we can't even see each other face and maybe the one that is sitting beside us is ... youknowwho :D

6. Bug that found during the first toilet break.

7. Around 630am in the morning. The colour of the sky is awesome but unfortunately, couldn't get better pictures since the bus is moving too fast.

8. Reached penang around 830am and have char koay teow for breakfast at some kopitiam.

9. Good Morning, Donniena.

10. First stop at War Museum. Thought this picture will turn out very superstar-like but fail like crazy. I'm talking about myself fyi.

11. The tunnel thing thingmajing. And then we were brought to walk through some dark tunnel. It was so stuffy and hot. The worst part is, we have to bend our head and my back hurts like crazy. I was holding a torchlight tho so okay, I'm not completely blind in the tunnel. I was rushing the person infront of me to be faster so that it could actually end faster. I have no idea how tall people could actually walk through that thing, maybe they need to crawl or something. I hid at the side of the tunnel and then I go like : BOOO then those inside was screaming and shouting.HAHAHAHAH. okay, it's damn mean but fun :D

12. walking down walking down walking down.. to the rape rooooom o:

13. hmmm ?

14. Group picture before we leave war museum and trust me, we have more in fb. Check it out there maybe?

15 & 16 . Camwhore fever in the bus? Although we're all sticky and tired.

17 & 18 . Lunch at Pagoda Temple something something. The Air Hitam Asam Laksa is just so awesome. Oh my god, it taste like heaven. And yes, our satisfied face after laksaaaa :D

19 . After cendol for dessert. And then , we finally go back to the hotel and wash up then headed for beach. There was a few of minor problems for the rooms but after all, it's good. Settled the rooms , and then got change and then to the beach. We got connecting rooms .. WOOHOOO :D:D:D

20 . Stretch! the sea breeze (Y)


22 . Group picture with ze boys. KahMing just couldn't get over his tummy hair.Sat Banana boat with the boys above and a few others and it was good. The sea water went into my mouth everytime I open my mouth I talk and go into my ear when I turn my face to the other side. And the blister on my pinky toe of my right leg healed -.- Add salt to the wound. And yes, it hurts.

23. After two hours of the beach, headed back to the room to get ready for the dinner at Moonlight Bay.

24. Simple.

25& 26 . Room mates? DSLR O.O

27. Couldn't resist laaa!

28. Oh hai yo , I'm just trying that I'm at hawaii wearing the flower. I eventually look so weird here but aiyo -.-

29. Cross my heart and yes, I swear this is candid. My hair's retarded. The length omg TT

30. Like this picture so much! It's like , we're have been best friends for so long kinda thing and most of all, all of us ( excluding me) smiled so widely. Okay, maybe I was trying to 'act' cool. I was kinda emo of my hair that time.

31. Gene and my blue flower -.-

32. fyi, my room is so crowded with people since we have connecting room and so yeah, before we go anywhere, we meet at my room and then only go down to the lobby.


34. The O Chien in Moonlight Bay is worth ten bucks because the oyster is as big as that. And you know what, it's freaking uncountable! And after dinner, we actually walk around at the pasar malam thing and then joined the boys to shisha for awhile. GOOOD GOOOD NIGHT (;

35. Group picture with the girls outside 7e. Went there to get chips and some soft drink.Then back to the hotel. Everyone gather at my room and then we played games. I likey BANGLA so much :D

And I guess, This is my Day One. I will continue Day two soon?
Stay Tuned.

Feelings couldn't be made or said, it's felt by the heart. Just like memories , it can only stay there when you experience it yourself. And you can only have it once , then you cherish it.
Nothing could just explain.

Every memory we created is just like a present we give to ourselves.

As I said,
Stay tuned.