Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In a blink of an eye , 2 weeks is almost gone.

It's already Thrusday tomorrow and I swear I haven't start any homework yet. I'll probably do it last minute or so. For now, I really don't wanna flip any books.

 I have been spending most of my time watching Big Bang's vid.

I don't consider myself as a VIP and of course, one of the member caught my eye.


The other day, I was just watching Fantastic Baby Music Video out of random and I always thinks that GDragon is adorably cute. I mean like, no matter how cool is he in music videos and photoshoot. To me, he's always a cute innocent boy. Hmm, just like Mir in Mblaq. Just so you know, I'm forever an A+. 
But there's one part where they show a close up of TOP,
I died.

No, I'm not trying to exaggerate.

My heart literally stop for a moment.

I go all fangirling by watching Big Bang's videos and some variety shows they have been on. I almost read his biography and stuff. I realize that he wasn't THAT good looking last time. I mean like, of course he have been charismatic from the start but seriously... how can somebody can just wake up the next day , looking hotter.

Hot isn't a word to describe him.

I think,
he is sexy.

Sexy, just pure sexiness. wtf, I sound like some pervert. And no, he doesn't reveal his body at all. I never once see a naked picture of his over the web. He did all photoshoot with clothes on and yet he still looks.. sexy. wtf. 

K, he is sexy.

I find this very sexy , lol.

I know that most of the girls find guys that smoke disgusting no matter how good they look. But, I think the otherwise. I always thought that boys that smoke is hot. And, with good looks then it make it extra attractive. I heard that GDragon smokes , so as TOP. Oh well, it's a quite a major turn on to see him with ciggs :p

Oh hot Damn.

Now tell me,
who would reject? 

 I think his brows is attractive wtf.

I always loved their songs but never really pay attention on the members. 

Oh well,
he's already in my bias list of Kpop.

I'm like typing this while staring at the picture just above. Can't control my hormones TT