Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jam & Kaya Cafe.

I spent so much time to edit every picture in this post because every photo taken is artistic. There isn't alot of reviews of this place so I guess, my effort here will be worth it.

The other day, everyone decided to head for a good hearty brunch around my uni.

We went to Jam and Kaya Cafe , which probably make you furrow your brows now because I had the same reaction. The name of this place is definitely not convincing enough for anyone to visit but it's definitely wrong. Don't judge the book by the cover - in this case, don't judge the place by the name . 
It's located in the city of PJ , just right beside A&W - you will have to walk through a club house to reach the place. It's very pretty!

You will see this!

Isn't it fairytale like? 

The place is cozy , quiet and very comfortable. I didn't snap how it looks like inside but, I can assure you that you wouldn't want to go home so soon. 

This is briefly the price range of what they offer over there. I actually take these pictures because I like the menu. It's very new , and I guess by now it wouldn't be as flawless as this anymore. 

Another plus for good lightning in pictures . 

You can briefly see how beautiful it is from the vintage setting of the table and background. I bet the owner here did everything herself because every detail in this place is define. 

And about the coffee and food ;

Caramel Latte .

Hot Chocolate which is a specialty here , because they added choco balls in the drink. I am not a fan of chocolate so no matter how good the drink is , I wouldn't give it a thumb up but based on how they describe it, it sounded really good to have the chocoball melt on your tongue after sipping the hot drink. 


I love the colours of their cups so much! 

Two cups of cappucino and two cups of chocolate :)

I'm sorry that I can't make up my mind which should be here so I decided to post them all. The food was really good , and this is the pros of small cafes. Everything was so good , I swear. 

Farmer's Pancake Breakfast ; which is their famous dish where pancake is serve in savory style. 

Egg Benedict ; and this is my first time having it with croissant instead of the normal bread. The bread was soft and the egg was just right. 

Australian Big Breakkie ; which is Big Breakfast. 

Fish and Chips, which is just a so so.

Jam and Kaya Spring Roll,
I SWEAR if you didn't order this, you will regret it. It was so gooooooood , and I'm not exaggerating it. 

And our brunch was so fine that it makes our day. 

I recommend this place to anyone whom is around PJ to visit this place. The price is affordable , the food is good and not to mention the coffee was also satisfying. Even if they don't have a good view outside the window, but the environment of the place made it up.

Last picture before I sign out,