Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The gap between us .

Yesterday's post was my no.150 post
and it was suppose to be a happy one.
Yes , SUPPOSE -.-

When I really wanna talk to people about my emotions
and everything that I'm actually feeling about them
and those , they just run away and avoid .
Then when I don't feel like telling already ,
they come and ask -.- wtheck. Seriously, go die.

Fahrenheit's coming tomorrow
and they only have one event which is on Saturday.
The sad thing is , I am not sure whether I'm going.
And where the hell is Tropicana City Mall?!?!
Of all places , in the morning -.-

I'm sick ):

My throat is so dry.My head is so heavy.
My nose is blocked and I can't breathe properly.
I think I shall just go die , OMG D:

It was so rushing & busy ytd .

Got a call from Donniena
then off to get ready and all those.
Then, rushed to Pyramid to meet her up.

She complained that I'm late for 45mins
when she's early for 15mins .
So, it's actually 30mins .
Aiyo, who cares la TT

Then we went to toilet -.-

outfit for the day (:


After the camwhoring session ,
we went around and trying to look for fooood.
And I realise that I lost my money ,
it was so frigging sad .
Donniena was very kanjiong for me too.

Stop at McD for apple pie
and wait for the others .


And , we wait for like an hour over there.
Some went for movies and tuition.
Okay I'm not sure since I just go
for the sake of Donniena & Mingli.

Camwhored while waiting .

I took more but then , I deleted it.
Damn lazy to keep so many pictures .

And then finally people done with their own things
and we headed to Asian Avenue , The street cafe
since Mingli is carving for korean food.

Ordered some hot pot rice thing with beef,
It was okay and worth it .

After that, walked around and everything
Then to Forever 21 .


Walk around with them for a quite sometime
then , took a cab to ss19 to ChinKeat's place.

It's seriously freaking scary to take cab alone.

And that driver took around 45 mins to find the house
and he was like complaining like crazy .
He mumble and mumble .

Then finally I reached.

Watched the boys Dota -.-
and L4D for awhile then piss Yuhung off like crap.
I didn't really scream this time , I think =p

Stayed at his place till ten.
Reached home around 1030 or so

p.s Stop acting like you're the one who deserve to be in the middle of the spotlight when you don't even deserve to be on stage.When people don't chase you down the stage , it doesn't mean you're the main actor. So , you can just shut the fuck up and stop thinking you're the one influence everyone of us. Cut it short , you can just go and fuck yourself _l_