Saturday, March 21, 2015

My daily Make Up.

I've mentioned that I wanted to share something about my make up products; and I acknowledged that it was quite a while ago. The other day, I took sometime to snap pictures of my products. You normally don't expect me to be so hardworking. I was just taking a break from throwing all the unused or expired stuff on my dressing table. I have this bad habit of buying things that I wouldn't use and leave it there until it's expired.

An advice for you girls,
don't ever buy make up because there's a rebate - because you will end up wasting your money. 

*cough* I'm the walking example.

Here comes the whole point of this post ;

This is my 'daily' make up products ;
I don't usually put them on when I go out for a while or to uni because I'm too lazy to do all these in the morning. I'll only put concealer and draw my eyebrows when I head to uni. 

Above is what I always use when I go out with my friends or head for coffee breaks.

As I grow up, I realized that it's necessary to keep make up light. 

  1. Light make up = less cleansing. 
  2. You will look more natural, and closer to your bare face ( so you don't scare your friends during sleepovers)
  3. Light make up is quick ; I only take maximum of five minutes to do my make up.
  4. It makes you look friendlier. 
  5. It saves you a lot of money, because you don't need to restock often.

I started with heavy make up, and tried a lot of ways to find myself suitable products and type of make up that I can do on daily purpose. This took me quite awhile, so it depends on individual's skin tone and features. Also, it also depends on your style of clothing.

The foundation of this whole girly process will start with the basic of choosing skin products. So here I am to introduce my basics for my skin. 

First step of the whole lengthy process, it is essential to have :
  1. Primer / Sunscreen
  2. Concealer 
  3. Foundation 

However, I don't use foundation on daily basis because I have an even skin tone. I only use foundation occasionally - during dinner or when I have the time of the month. You cannot deny that you look way more horrible you are during that period.

Here is what I have on the table ;

  1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Hydrating
  2. 3 Concept Eyes Waterful Concealer - Shade #1
  3. NARS Radient Creamy Concealer - Medium 2 Ginger
  4. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Beige Ivory
  5. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Rose Ivory
  6. Urban Decay Illuminating Powder


These are the two concealers I have ; and I love both of them that I couldn't make up my mind which is better. 

I use 3CE on daily to cover up my eye circles when I head out. I don't want to have tired looking eyes , or specifically look like ju-on when I take selfie. They only have two shades for this concealer, depending on your skin tone. For me, I use shade #1. If you are slightly tanner, you could use shade #2 . 
Price depending on where you buy it. I bought it at RM52.

NARS has the best concealer ever , and I believe that this is the mos recommended concealer all over the net. I have two colours for this concealer because I thought I lost the first one. I have two shades for them to match with my different foundation then. Medium 2 Ginger and Light 1 Honey. 
For this brand, I think is better for you to head over the store to try them out. The people in NARS are super friendly, and helpful. You will definitely come out of the store with good products and more information about make up. 
NARS concealer is priced at RM 110.



Laura Mercier is famous for their perfect coverage foundation.

 They have 5 types of different primer depending on your skin tone. Their primer is a must buy. I use 'hydrating' for primer since my skin is very dry. 

For foundation, I bought two shades since I couldn't make up my mind which is more suitable for me. I heard that they have Photo Edition foundation which makes your face shines when you are taking pictures. That's too advance for me right now. So I'd use the basic first. 
My skin tone is suitable for Ivory shade. Beige Ivory makes me look a little paler so I have this on whenever I want my whole look to be minimalistic. For Rose Ivory, I will use it for special occasions since I want my face to glow and look a little more pinkish. 

To pair up with my concealer , it often go like this

NARS Concealer - Medium 2 Ginger     +     Laura Mercier Foundation - Beige Ivory


NARS Concealer - Light 1 Honey     +     Laura Mercier Foundation - Rose Ivory

For the both combination. Also, I use 3CE to replace NARS sometimes because 3CE is more watery, which is good for my eye area. The area under my eyes are really sensitive, so I need my make up base to me very moisturising. 3CE 'waterful' concealer sometimes does the magic. And they could easily blend. 

Laura Mercier Primer is priced at RM139 and Foundation is depending on their size. I bought the smaller one at RM119, since I don't always use foundation. 

I prefer foundation over BBcream/CC cream because they are easily cleansed. BBcream's particles are smaller and often, they go all the way to your skin pores. If it's not cleanse thoroughly, it will cause skin pore blockage. I'm very lazy, and I think foundation has better coverage lol.


This pancake powder is only to illuminate my features , which means make my face glow especially in pictures. This is also the reason why I keep my face make up basic. Beside making my face glow, it also lock my foundation so it doesn't wear off quickly. I could look the same for the whole day, just by applying this on. I think this would be one of the best product of Urban Decay besides Naked eyeshadow. A must have! ; it's priced at RM168.

Now, for my brows. 


Benefit instabrow pencil. I'd prefer this over the eyebrow palette because it lasts much more longer. However, I am not stubborn on my eyebrow pencils because I change brand from time to time. This would be one of the best I've tried . At RM85 ; which I think is a little expensive for an eyebrow pencil.

Tip : To ensure your brow make up last longer, use eyebrow mascara after drawing your brows ( I'm using Shu Uemura's) or just use your eyeshadow with the matching colour to brush on top to make it last longer. 
Tip #2 : Please choose the correct colour, matching with your hair.
Tip #3 : Control the width of your eyebrows, please!


I'd prefer gel pencil eyeliner so that I can smudge it easily. Black from 3CE ; and Brown from 20's Factory. I cannot deny how good korean brands are when it comes to all these. I will explore more of them and share if there are good ones. 

Both of them priced around RM50++


Top is brown, and bottom is black.

I always put on brown eyeliner so that my whole make up is soft. Black would be used whenever I want to enhance my eyes and whenever I want have heavier make up. Also, it's easier to smudge to blend it with anything.


3CE GEL Eyeliner which I hardly use, but it is really long lasting! 

For mascara, I do not specifically have any favourite. However, I've received a gift from my friend and Chanel Mascara is easily removed and natural.

Lipstick and lipgloss are my essentials. They are also the statement in this whole process because many people remember me by my red lips, lol. For this, I'll keep it for the next post about my thoughts on lipstick.

This whole post shows rather more dedication than I thought. I hope that this could help a little. I was really lost when I first approach this, and then I realized that they are the best invention ever ( besides plastic surgery, lol). 

Just remember to keep it light, and you will look more than just fine.