Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ruszwurm Confectionery.

Ruszwurm is probably the oldest pastry shop in Budapest, located at Castle Hill District at the Buda side - approximately five minutes walk from Matthias Church. It's opened in 1827 by the Szamos family and their specialty is their hundred over years recipes. They have too many varieties of cakes.

The place is pretty small and it's always full house since everyone will visit for their rich history and their highly rated cakes. 

We ordered this much for the three of us because we wouldn't want to miss out on anything good. 

The cakes we ordered are the famous ones because we are greedy like that. 

Magyarorzaig Tortaja

I like this among all the choice we've pick because it's not too sweet and I love how they glaze a layer of dark sugar on top of the cake to not lose its meaning of being a sweet tooth/ The first layer was almond and a little peanut butter and the second layer is dark chocolate sponge cake with another glaze of dark sugar in between. 

It's amazing how they balanced up the sweetness and savoury sensation together. I do not like my cake in two extreme ways. 

Mandula torta

This is walnut and almond cake with a pretty presentation. To be frank, we ordered this because it looks special. I do not really like this because they are basically two different type of paste. Almond and walnut paste in between layers of overly sweet biscuit. The only way to ease the sweetness was the top layer of dark chocolate glaze on top.

This cake is rather a contradiction of the first one.

Dobos torte

This is one of the traditional Hungarion sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream with the never go wrong caramel as the topping. It reminds me a lot of tiramisu except that the texture of the cake is more concrete which ,may filled up your empty stomach. It was not exactly really sweet as the whole attention is on the chcolate buttercream in between the thin layers of sponge cake. 

Overall, I recommend this if you wanna play safe  because it will go so well with a cup of black coffee if you are not into sweetness. If you want to top them up, ordered a cup of latte.

Not recommending chocolate as it will be too much.


The filling is their famous chocolate cream and buttercream which was so good. I love this actually because the chocolate was very mild. 

However, this is nothing traditional so this could be skiped. 

I love how all their cakes belongs to the same palette in colour. 

This cake actually won the best cake of the year in 2015.

Actually their famous cake in their confectionery is the Ruszwurm cake which represent their name which is a square shaped which was filled with cream. I do not really fancy cream that much so it wasn't a choice of mine. I don't know why we didn't insist to order that and I kinda leave this place with regrets as we didn't have a taste of the signature. 

I still remember how good it feels like in this vintage confectionery in the cold winter. 

Personally, I love my cake to be a true cake rather than a thick layer of coating with cream. 
Well, how about your choice?

Ruszwurm Confectionery.
Szentháromság u. 7., 1014 Budapest, Hungary