Monday, July 7, 2014

BAD Cafe by Wood and Steel.

An impromptu Saturday coffee date because I wanted to try out this new place in town. Ming and I took almost 15 minutes or more to get where the place is because we are both not familiar with Hartamas area.

I haven't been to Wood & Steel before but I've heard about the good reviews for their coffee. Instead of getting my caffeine fix at Wood and Steel, I head over to their second brunch - BAD café by Wood and Steel.

Well, Imma bad ass in Bad café ( trying a little hard lol)

beautiful vintage interior.

One thing I like about cafés is , they usually have limited tables so they only allow a quota of people in. This means that , it wouldn't be noisy or crowded. If I do not enjoy peace, i'll go to kopitiam instead because lately I have learn how to order coffee in hawker stalls.

Mandatory selfie because I put my lipstick on , lol.

Didn't order much because I'm filled.

Cappucino .

Green Tea Latte , which I spilled off by kicking the table numerous times. I should stop being so hyperactive, oh god.

Egg Benedict , which deserves a two thumbs up for their eggs. They cooked it at the perfect timing.

Check out the yolk!

It was really good, even if I just had a bite. lol.

This is how I want to spend my time everyday. 

Relax , a good cup of coffee with a quiet environment.