Saturday, July 20, 2013

Upstairs Cafe.

My cappucino doesn't need any filter because it's pretty like that!

I have finally gone back to Upstairs cafe at SS15 after a year plus. I remember I visited this place when it just open with XiuMing and the bunch when we are walking for tuition. Ah, highschool memories :)

I went with my sisters after I pick them up from school . I haven't eaten anything yet since I just woke up and I don't think a very heavy late lunch is good since dinner time is so soon. 

I don't know since when my coffee break obsession have started but I really love sitting at the cafe, sipping onto a good cup of coffee along with pastries and titbits. I know how fattening pastry is , and that's why I always drink coffee without putting any sugar or milk. I really hate black coffee so I need milk and brown sugar at least.

Cappuccino will always be my first choice since it's serve with pretty coffee art and the milk is enough to cover the bitterness of the espresso. 

Look at the pretty combination of goodness :)

Bliss .

My cup of favorite coffee! at RM 11

Croissant with butter and strawberry jam. Ignore the butter, it would kill your whole diet plan. 

RM 4.50 

And trust me, the size of croissant is bigger than other places.

Scone with butter and Strawberry Jam .

RM 4 per piece.

I was so disappointed when they didn't serve with whipped cream ):

Sorry, I just have to keep on snapping because the lightning is so good.

I don't even care if the people is staring at me like another kind. I really don't care! LOL

I think it's good at Upstairs Cafe for a good chat with your friends to catch up about life. Try to go during late afternoon , for a quieter environment.