Friday, November 29, 2013

Temporary Escape ; at Lewisgene .

I am really obsessed with coffee art , besides looking nice to be in instagram gaining more likes than my own selfie - beautiful coffee art makes me happy. I'm a slave to caffeine so I do take homemade nescafe at home. I could only hold myself back to coffee for 2 days max , because I crave for it so much. It's nice to have beautiful coffee art , but the coffee isn't good - the whole point of my perception of bliss and beauty is destroyed. 

I do blog about coffee break, but not as much as food post or ootd post. Sometimes when I blog about things like this , I wonder if I've lost my purpose of keeping this online site of me which I want to jot down my life  - which includes my thoughts, feelings and things I do for me to read in future. I really don't care about the stats anymore, as you realizes I've remove NN from my blog . 

I want this blog all to myself . 
I want to share what I am concern about , what I like and what are my thoughts in certain things. 

And I've mentioned that I find various place to read , to have a good coffee or spend my afternoon alone to enjoy the peace. Life's hectic , I would like to live as the character I read - feel what they feel despite being happy or hurt or anything else which I've never feel before in my life. It's like a getaway mentally , and when the book is close - the character is gone. If the feelings I feel for the character remains, this means that I'm reading a good book.

Lately, the only place I would thought of is Lewisgene which I have blog about it more than once because I love this place alot. There might be alot of people in the noon or evening, but the maximum of noise level is bearable. I don't want to go to a coffee shop which makes me feel like I'm in the market. Besides that, they opened till 1am which is good because I could have late night coffee date with my friends or , continue to have a peace of mind.

I don't like noises and I sometimes hate to talk , which is contrast with how I'm supposed to be.

Oh well, people change and grow up.

I think, I've grown up over years.

This is the outdoor which I prefers to sit at night. As for noon/ evening, I would suggest to sit inside because the sun is gonna shine directly to your face which is pretty annoying. The view in Solaris is not superb but good enough to not be a construction side. 

This was just a random night with Jacinth , together our late night girly talks about everything. It's nice to talk - and I have been talking all the time. It's rare to find a good listener , to be patient enough to listen and not to judge. And , I'm grateful for being lucky. 

Mocha , which was really good . 

The chocolate on top was fine . Even I don't like chocolate, I don't bring myself to hate it. You gotta love how the coffee mix with the chocolate on top. Bitter , with a little sweetness. You don't even need sugar cubes anymore.

The french toast is really nice . It's soft and fluffy - yes, fluffy.

And also, the other day I brought CK to this place because it's one of my favorite - as you can see. I'm glad he thinks that it's good here, more over cheap . The tea time set is really nice . 

This time I chose Cappucino instead.

Don't you think that the cup is so cutee? I love the cups they are using. 

Pancakes with bluebaerry jam and strawberries.

The pancake is just fine , it wasn't as fluffy as I expected but I love seeing pancake serve with strawberries :3

The waffle which everyone loves , and dying to try. I'm sad that the chocolate was too much but the waffle was crispy enough for my delight. I don't really like it too soft. It'll be a ten star love for chocolate lovers.

Aside of being a good place to spend sometime alone , it's a rather comfortable place to catch up with your friends and have a good laugh over nothings. It wouldn't be like those cafes who unable you to hear your friend. I don't get why people would wanna speak too loud. 

Have I mentioned that I hate it when people raise their voice while talking to me. To them, it might not be yelling but to me, it is. I hate it when people raise their voice at me for no reason and over little things , it spoils my mood and not to mention, it hurts my feelings. I guess girls would understand what am I talking about - the different tone the people ( especially the boys) use on you and your friend who look better than you. It's so difficult for me to say that, not all boys are the same when it comes to this. I hate it but I bare with it. 

At frustrating time like this , learn to get over it or walk away. Noone deserves to feel less than they are ,or smaller than they imagine. Everyone deserved to be treated the same - we are living in the same world , the same air; Malaysia's might be more polluted than the other countries. 
I get over it by spending time alone, because I don't want to feel like this.

Try getting your own getaway in life.

Oh well, this is what I wanna share with you - together with my current favorite cafe at, Lewisgene.