Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Twenty facts about me.

I just got back from Melbourne , and I feel in love with the city instantly. I love everything there and 7 days wasn't enough for me. The plane back was dreadful , and I just had to sleep the whole way through because I hated the fact that I'm leaving the city. 

I was tagged by a few friends on instagram with 20 facts of me ; and I decided to do it on my blog instead of posting long captions on my pictures. I don't like the idea of it dragging across my page , and I could detail it here , so here it goes : -

1. When I have a bad picture of myself , my whole day will be affected. It breaks down my self-confidence and it makes me feel horrible. 

2. I am allergic to Kimchi.

3. I don't like chocolates. I don't exactly hate them but I don't like it enough that I will crave for it. I try to avoid putting them into my mouth unless my friends ask me to try. I still remember how speechless I was when they bought me chocolate lava cake as a prank on my birthday.

4. Big Bang TOP is my ideal type. More to handsome, I like the way he dress. I like his straight forward personality. Alright, he is handsome too.

5. People remember my birthday as the sex position 69 , because my birthday falls on June 9. 

6. My voice is very low. Lower and Deeper than normal girls so I sound like a man. 

7.  I am not girly. I want to be more girly and it hasn't been improving over years. 

8. I despite pastel colours , and I look horrible in pastel colours. But I'm secretly jealous of girls that can pull them off very well because they usually look angelic. Most of the time , I look like a witch beside them. 

9. I think guys should always wear watches. I don't know why but guys that wear watches catch my attention. 

10. I hate people who shake their legs. I don't need a mini earthquake when I'm eating or watching movie. I can't bare staring at people shaking their legs. 

11. I am very annoying because I complain way too much. I am very repetitive. My friends told me that I am a pretty good recorder lol. 

12. I am afraid of clowns. Even Ronald McDonalds. 

13. My heart skip a beat when someone wish me Goodnight.

14. I am easily flattered but I never want to show it due to my ego. Vice Versa, I'm easily hurt. 

15. I am very insecure. I let people's comments run through my head over and over again especially when it comes to my physical appearance. 

16. I own two blogshops and they are the proudest achievement I have - so far.

17. My biggest fear is gaining weight. I don't want to go back to the times where the figure on the weighing machine almost reaches three digits. I am not joking. 

18. I'm a city person instead of nature. 

19. I am very lazy. It's beyond your imagination. 

20. I am very complicated. I don't know what I usually want. Gemini Attitude.