Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Victoria #1


That's me in Royal Arcade. 

This will be my first post for Melbourne where I briefly just go through what I did on the first day in the city. I'll also do a few posts about the restaurants my friends brought me to because I really think that the food served is good. 

To think back, all I did was eating -.-


This is what I wake up to , in the plane. I never thought that I'll encounter pink sky on the plane. Gosh, it's breathtaking. I'm so glad that I took the night plane. I chose the night plane because I don't spend my day on the plane then reaching the city at night. 


A picture to show my family that I'm in Melbourne. 


My first cup of coffee in Melbourne in Manchester Press. I ordered Cappucino as usual. I can only say that, there is a difference between Cappucino I have in Melb and Malaysia. If they serve such quality of coffee in Malaysia, it will be noted as one of the best. 


Never tried bagel before but it was good. Is it true that this is a pretty authentic Australian breakfast?


My order of Bagel with  Strawberry Meringue Cream with fruits. Not to mentioned that the smashed dried avocado mixture was good to go with. I have a bad habit of ordering sweet based food instead of savoury ones. 


The reason why I chose Melbourne for my holidays. I said that I will visit Melb last year but my plan failed. Oh well, I already made it there. 


We took 92374917489123741097410 pictures on the street because I insisted. This is the only picture that turned out nice. The boys is with their bagpacks , and I don't know why. 


Selfie to tell everyone that I made it here on instagram haha.


Outfit of the day.

I know that the ribbon dress is not something that you will usually see on me. Pairing with a pink blazer , you should know that I'm trying hard to look sweet. #phailed.



Because everyone is in a good mood. 




We went to State Library of Victoria. The library is honestly beautiful. This is definitely a place for architecture or interior design students. I don't think I can actually pay attention in the library because staring at the wall is already entertaining. Even the wall is beautifully designed. 

They also have sections every floor introducing the history of Victoria and how it improves over years until now. I'm not an artisan so I wasn't interested to read such cursive writing that will give me headache.

I had to steal the picture #12 from google because it is under renovation. It also means that there's no picture of me and the library. NUUUUUUU TT I need the tourist shot. 


The weather is getting cold as the sun sets , thus we stopped by Max Benner for chocolate to warm ourselves. Oh well, I had a glass of water instead of ordering things. Everything in Max Benner is about Chocolate so I'm not interested in anything.

SH recommended Suckao ( picture #16) because it's a must order for tourist. 

It costs 7 aud and I really think it's ridiculous. They just heat the milk with the candle underneath and place the little chocolate chips in it , waiting for it to melt becoming chocolate milk. It's good that you can adjust how thick you want your chocolate milk to be , and how sweet your cup of drink it is. Alright, maybe it keeps your drink warm due to the candle. 

The portion is too small , and I don't think it will satisfy anyone. However on the bright side, it looks pretty on pictures. 

Can anyone tell me why is it call Suckao? 

I hope it's not because it sucked.



I have a sip of this and it's really really rich in chocolate. Perhaps this is more worth it , and it will definitely warm your body up in the cold weather. 



Tourist shot in Dockland! 

We took the free tramp and explored half of the city, then stopped by Dockland. If the weather isn't that cold, I will definitely walk till the end because it's really pretty to see the sun sets. That thin pink blazer isn't helping, I swear. 


Chang-go for dinner and honestly, this is the best korean bbq I've ever tasted in my life!


Beautiful view of Crown building. 

Planning to spend the exploring the other side of the city and casino. I stopped by the bridge just to stare at this building and the reflection on the surface of the river. 

I like city lights that kind of stuff, you know. lol.



Can you imagine walking through this place with your other half in the cold, talking about sweet nothings?

Gosh, this is romantically beautiful.


I'll walk alone , instead. ):


It's a bliss to have gelato in the cold with such view by the river. It's even better that it's a treat.

Is it just me that I think it's cute when a guy buys a girl ice cream?

This cup of Ferraro Gelato was good even if I despise chocolate. It reminds me alot of Ferraro Roche. 

I didn't get to head into the Casino because I brought nothing with me but just a winter jacket which I borrowed from CK. I never expect the weather to be so cold. I can now truly experience what they meant by there is four seasons in a day. I used to laugh at their tweets when they complain. 


This picture gives a lot of feels and this is us walking back home.

I really like the city. And I can't wait to tell you how much I love it the next post. 

Till then.