Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pancake Parlour .

Loving the huge chair perfect for picture purpose in the place. 

It was back to the second day of me arriving Melbourne where I need satisfy my sweet tooth cravings after a little shopping. I was craving for pancakes ; thus we headed to The Pancake Parlour. 

The Pancake Parlour is franchise so it's not difficult to find around the Melbourne. I went to the franchise in Bourke Street Mall where the place is actually underground. I believe that you thought I chose this location among the others because it's underground but no, it was the closest and my legs are literally breaking from all the walking. 

The entrance which reminds me of the circus. 

It was empty and we are the only customers. The timing was really weird which was around 4-5 Melbourne time ; and if I'm back here in Malaysia , I would be eating brunch around that time. Perhaps it was my body clock, or I am hungry for no apparent reason.


Took pictures of the interior because I don't think we can find a place that is like this back here.

This branch is really big. 

And the interior somehow reminds me of TGI Fridays ; do you think so too?

Most of our orders includes pancakes since it's the main reason why we are here ; 

Short Pancake Stacks with Chocolate Ice Cream ; 11.90aud 

They have different size of stacks from short, regular to long with vary prices of course. This is definitely a good choice for people who like originality. 

If you are not fond of ice cream, they have maple syrup and butter as topping too. If you are on diet, they even have organic maple syrup with the additional charge of 3aud. But seriously, I would rather get fat than to pay RM10 for organic syrup. No way that you are going to con me just with the word of 'organic' .

Chocolate Julibe -  18.90aud

This would be one of the well-known one. Instead of buttermilk, the pancake is made out of chocolate which actually taste like brownies to me. I am not very fond of chocolate but I find this nice as well. Their generosity of strawberries deserves too thumbs up. 

Chocolate Lovers, this is where you find your heaven. 

Hot Buttered Walnuts - 18.90aud

This is my choice of order because I originally like walnuts. Buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and a little cinnamon , not forgetting the amount of walnuts given and a scoop of ice cream. I was so happy with the amount of walnuts given. 

Besides that, we also ordered a savoury platter just to try it out. 

Country Breakfast - 19.70aud

This is definitely a hearty portion of big breakfast. Perhaps it may be too much for a person. However, the portion definitely match up with the price they charge. It was a little disappointing that they burnt the sunny side up. I wouldn't want to give negative comments about a franchise but the quality of food should always be maintained despite how good the name is. 


Ip5s quality pictures could match up with normal camera's standard, huh. 

It was a great tea time at pancake parlour with the bunch. I think that I had too much of pancakes that I don't even crave for it anymore. 

Let me end this post with my favourite picture of the day ;