Friday, September 19, 2014

Victoria #4


Look at how my sweater blend into the land of grass. 

Perhaps it is true that the grass is greener on the other side. Rephrasing that, it must be greener in Australia. But doesn't mean I love my country any less. #proudtobeamalaysian .


Woke up with super bloated cheeks which usually bothers me alot because I will look horrible in pictures. But my mood was ridiculously good that I don't really care. 

Squeezing my cheeks and realizing how soft it is - only when it's all bloated. 

Drink a glass of water before you sleep, people. Don't be like me. TT


Beautifully designed cup to fix my caffeine of the day. 

Bought a cup of Cappucino in Market Lane Coffee , which is located right beside Victoria Market down the street. 


Queuing up for Borek which is pretty famous as a quick on-the-go breakfast in Victoria Market.

It was sad that I didn't truly explore Victoria Market. I heard that they are hidden gems in this Market which I have missed out. Oh well, at least I had Borek. haha.


It feels really nice walking on the streets , taking a bite of Borek and holding a cup of coffee in hand which I always have a mini heart attack whenever I never grip it properly. I really don't want to spill the coffee over the streets because it's a waste , and the streets in Melbourne are really clean. I couldn't even find a little rubbish and the things which is on the floor all the time are probably wilted leaves. 

I couldn't stop taking picture of the cup ; because my love for the words is beyond. lol.


Me pigging out and had my footsteps slow down because I had trouble biting the lamb off.

Even the background is so pretty. 

If I were to take pictures by the streets in Malaysia, I'll probably already be sweating my ass off.




Well, I was waiting for the tram and I think it's an opportunity to take pictures.


Here is Lilian and her donuts , hahaha.


After 20 minutes tram , we finally reached the zoo!

I don't even know why I suggested to pay Melbourne Zoo a visit either. I don't even go to Zoo Negara in Malaysia to look at the Pandas. Perhaps the weather really mattered too much for me. 

The weather in Melbourne is just nice for this. It's really adorable to see cute kids running around , and some of them are even on a school tour to the zoo where the teacher explain to them about the habitat of the animals. 

When I was in primary school, my teacher just tell me what animal it is and move on to the next one. -.-


hello there.



That's a seal! 


And I can never missed out any opportunity to take pictures anywhere. 

*insert an inspirational quote*


Ridiculously cute penguins in a group. 

So adorable . 


I find this picture of zebra artistic. It somehow brings out the lonesomeness in the picture.




I have no idea why I took a picture with the giraffe...


See the baby elephant outfit! So adorable, no?


Look at the pout.. Did your heart melt?

Because, my heart did.

Even the kids are cuter over there! This is because they could dress up in exaggerating outfits like this. If any parent dress up their child like this in our country, it'll be child abuse -.- You don't want your child to get a heat stroke. 



This picture needs to be up here because I find it artistic without having any idea why. It looks pretty to me.


Birds with tiger stripes.

Someone tell me the name?


I told her parents that , their child is beautiful.

It send butterflies to my stomach when I see them look at each other and smile proudly as if they had invented something so great. I feel glad that I've said something like that tho. It makes me feel happy when I see them happy. 

Little things, matters.


Slowly walking...


to the other half!

Lovely love story , lol.



Stared at the kangaroo for a while, and it didn't move. 

Just realized that the animals are being really lazy. They barely move at all!


My anaconda don't. 

How about red butts? 



Thinking about life. 

You see what I meant by the animals are being lazy?

Noone is moving ):



I forget that it was who's idea to lay on the grass. I'm glad that I did that because it's something that I'll never do back in Malaysia due to the fear of having dog poop on the grass or red ants crawling into my clothes. 

The grass was slightly wet but I don't really care because it was too comfortable. If I'm in the position for another ten minutes, I could easily fall asleep and take a nap. 

It was sunny but not enough to shine in my eyes and make it hurt. 


Squinting my eyes because I can't see myself , lol. 


Lilian and I with the background filled with little flowers.

Loving this picture a lot!


Let me end with this group picture of us that I insisted to take. 

I have no shame when it comes to photos , and that's why you guys are all entertained!