Monday, September 15, 2014

Victoria #3 - ChangGo x Mook Ji Bar


I'm back for another food post because I'm more dedicated to update about food rather than my itinerary in Melbourne. I wasn't lying when I say that all I did was having good food all day everyday. 

The weather is unpredictable most of the days. It starts with a sunny day , then out of no where it'll turn cold and the wind will blow messing up my hair then it'll rain then start to turn humid and the story goes on. It's still pretty cold there eventhough it steps into spring already. 

I get hungry more quickly than I usually am in Melbourne compared to Malaysia. ( I am hungry 24/7 anyways.) . When it's cold , it's the best to have BBQ or a hot pot of soup.

The Melbourne people (lol) always suggest to have Korean food when the weather is extra cold. 

So, this post will be about two korean restaurants which I went. They just have to be up there because they were so awesome! I cross my heart and swear that it was so yummy that I can't even...

Alright, let's start with..



Just look at the flavors of meat they have. 

Chang Go is one of the famous restaurant with their famous different flavors of pork belly. The restaurant opens at 5pm, and they are already full in less than an hour time. We did queue but just for five minutes because we were really lucky. 

I heard about this place too much that I insisted them to bring me here, and oh lord.. thank goodness I insisted.


Starting off with side ingredients they provided. 


The Seafood Pancake at 14aud.

This was a side order and not included in the set. They told me about the Kimchi Seafood Pancake was the initial one, but they need to change the order because I'm allergic to Kimchi lol. 


Toppokki which is Rice cake with assorted vegetable and ramen , at 24aud.

I thought that it's already expensive with that price, and I only understood why when I see the portion. I swear that it could feed around 3-4 people with this pot. The rice cake was so good. We cooked the ramen until the texture we like , which is a little softer than the usual one they serve. 

I recommend this , but beware of the portion. 


This is the highlight of Chang-go.

Instead of ordering individually, they offer set menu which is definitely worth it with the price.

At 58.80aud , Palsaik set includes 8 flavors of pork belly , 2 bowl of rice, Kimchi Jigae which is Kimchi Pork Stew and Assorted Vegetable. 

They said that it could feed 2-3 people, but I think it's able to feed 4 because they are really generous with the portion they serve. I think this meal is really worth the price.

Out of the 8 flavors , Garlic and Hot gets a higher rating from me compared to the other 6. 


Look at the sizzling meat on the grill , god. 


Before we indulge. 

I could say that this is the best korean bbq I've ever tasted. I know that they have a branches in Malaysia with the name of 'Palsaik' but I didn't have the chance to try it back home. I never thought that I'll actually have the first taste of this goodness in Melbourne, definitely paying a higher price. But, I am definitely not complaining because it was really good.

I was so satisfied with the dinner that it keeps my mood so good the whole night.

Can you imagine having such comforting food in the cold? 

One word, heaven.

They have two branches , and the one we went is close to La Trobe Street if I'm not mistaken. 

Mook Ji Bar


Besides Chang Go, Mook Ji Bar is another Korean restaurant that ensures that your tummy is filled. Not only that the portion is hearty, the food is good as well. I could say that this restaurant has a very reasonable price with the portion they come with.

Why Korean restaurant in Melbourne serve bigger portion oneeeeee?! So unfair. 


Seafood pancake at 15aud.


Besides the portion is hearty , you can see the generous amount of seafood they put.

Look at them squid! The size is enormous.


Seafood Tofu Clear Soup at 15aud.

Was supposed to be some Seafood Stew or something but they thought we wanted the clear soup. It feels really odd to not have the red soup based. However, it tasted quite fresh - filled with the taste of seafood. I'm pretty sure of the excessive amount of msg to bring up the taste. It tasted really nice tho. They even have the crab leg in the soup, like omg why so generous TT


Korean Spicy Fried Chicken ( Half size) - 16 aud 

If you want the bigger portion at full size , it's 26aud. This is the signature dish of the shop and I could say that it tasted really different. We can never find these fried chicken in Malaysia TT 

It was so good that you wouldn't care if you get heaty/pimples etc. They have normal fried chicken too but of course, you would prefer to try the ones in Korean style. Note to emphasize that you want it to be 'less spicy'. I don't think you guys want to suffer the whole way through with the Koreans' tolerance of spicy food. 

This is the dish that people emphasize on so, please order this when you visit Mook Ji Bar alright?

you can pack for supper cos it's supper yums!


Dinner for three.

And we couldn't finish it , especially the pancake. The pancake was really filling and with the rice they serve - oh god. This meal is so satisfying and definitely regarded as one of the cheap meals in Melbourne.

Mook Ji Bar also serve Korean BBQ, but I'll reckon you to head to Chang-Go instead.

And ,

here it is with my post of Korean food! There's another place called Joomak which serves good rice wine. Oh god, what's with all these awesome Korean restaurants!!


God bless me with my weight gain. 

Chang Go - 70 Little La Trobe St Melbourne
Mook Ji Bar - 406 Lonsdale St Melbourne