Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Market Lane Coffee

You can easily find coffee shops every corner of the streets in Melbourne. I made a check list of which coffee shops to head when I'm there, and I actually have most of them ticked. 
Melbourne serves good coffee everywhere , but I just have to introduce you to

Market Lane Coffee.

Because, I really love their design of their cup for take away. 

It's just a small cafe located right beside Queen Victoria Market. It is very popular among tourists too . Aside from the strategic location, I believe that their coffee are good. They also sell coffee beans in store. 

This picture is a very good evidence that I am not back in Malaysia. I like how his hair is, it looks so cute on him. 

You can see that , the counter for coffee making process is really small. They only offer coffee and tea. Well if you think that you could search for food , they only have cupcakes and cookies available which definitely couldn't fill up your stomach. I guess they do not plan to major in anything besides their drinks. 

Sometimes it's good to just have a main focus in a place, the quality will definitely be assured. 

tumblr feels wallpaper. 
'We focus on only one thing : delicious, high quality coffee.'

Yes, I agree. 

It surprised me that they actually have coffee art even if I order a take away!

This cup of 4 aussie dollar coffee actually makes my day!

I snap a few pictures, not wanting to cover up because it's so pretty. However, I am too clumsy to do so. I need to prevent it from spilling. My high quality coffee isn't just going to give Melbourne streets the advantage. 

It makes a great breakfast with Borek . 

It's hot.

This is me pigging out while walking to the park because I wanted to snap some pictures!

It was only 10am in the morning, and the weather was great. It's chilly and comfortable. So we went around the park , taking pictures because it's so beautiful. I really love the parks in Aussie , it's always clean!

' Baby I'm so cold. Hold me.'

This quotes matches well , don't you think so? haha. 

Thank you for the morning coffee. 

It made my morning.