Saturday, September 6, 2014


I wonder if you guys remember Poco homemade in Bangsar, which serves super good homemade green tea soy milk. It was pretty sad that they closed down. 

it's now replaced with the name Cultura with the same theme in the same shop. 

I was really happy when I know that they reopened. At least, I thought they reopened because I miss their Green Tea Soy Milk. The only reason I sneaked out and let loose during my finals was for the cup of goodness I was craving for. But it was a let down because they have a different menu now. 

The place still looks cozy and comfortable.

Look at the vintage things they have by the side to match with the theme. I truly believe that the sewing machine was from poco homemade because I was fascinated by it. I usually like things being modernize but I think the old sewing machine is a pretty invention. I still have one at home which I asked my grandma not to throw , because I think it's pretty. 

Cappucino .

Since there's no green tea soy milk, here is green tea latte. 

Matcha mousse which contains 100% matcha. 

I swear that it was so good. Even if there's chocolate at the base, the flavor mixed really well. 

It deserves an individual shot because it's so good. 

What kind of filter you prefer?

I always choose normal cake instead of mousse cake . I am so glad that I made the right choice. They also offer chocolate mousse which is one of their best seller , so I recommend you chocolate lovers to give it a shot. 

Chocolate, just no. 

The interior inside the cafe makes everything looks gloomy. The pictures turned out pretty blue. It matches all the emo quotes you can think of. 

Trying to camwhore , lol.

Waddap Best Friend.

This is really crazy. I swear we see each other almost every single day unless both of us are travelling. Even if we have plans at night, we will see each other in the morning. 

I can't believe I have been waking up early for the past month continuously. Now, I feel that I'm getting healthier. 

I just can't. 

Loving this picture with our undone hair.

till then xx.