Friday, September 12, 2014

Victoria #2 - Operator 25 .

My morning face. 

My day two in Melbourne is simple. I explored the city and also did some shopping. Besides that, all I did was just eating. 

So instead of compiling everything into one post , I decided to do separate posts for the food. I don't want to remove any pictures or miss out anything that I want to share with you guys. This means that, my Melbourne posts will be more than I planned. The places I introduced are pretty famous , so you guys can go ahead and try when you happen to visit Melbourne. 

 I'm pretty sure, I wanna give the ' I hate to wake up in the morning' face.
We went to Operator 25 which is just two streets away. I read reviews online saying that, it's actually a hidden gem in North Melbourne because they serve really good Egg Benedict. 

The cafe gives a more modern and chic feeling compared to the others you could easily find on the street. I was too hungry and sleepy , so I didn't bother to go around snapping pictures. 

I hope it does. 

' Don't talk to me until I have my morning coffee' 

This cup is thick enough to prevent me being grumpy. I don't usually wake up in the morning. It's like 7am Malaysia time, so yeah. 

That small cup of White Chocolate was on the house because they need comments for their newly launch chocolate drink. I am not a fan of chocolate but I think it's good. It's a little bit milky , and I believe that the drink is kinda filling. 

I didn't take individual food pictures so here it goes - the spam of group pictures. 

Clockwise from the top left -

Ricotta and Vanilla Hot Cakes with Bacon -18aud 
House Benedict with Potato Rosti, Grandmother Ham, Poached Eggs with Chives Hollandaise - 15aud 
French Omelette with Fillings of the day ; where they serve tuna and cheese that day - 15 aud
House Benedict with Potato Rosti, Cold Smoked Salmon , Poached Eggs with Chives Hollandaise - 18aud 

I changed my Benedict to Cold Smoke Salmon because I don't feel like having Ham. Besides that, I will actually feel healthier. I am not sure if it's worthy for the additional 3aud for the swap but I was really satisfied with my benedict because the egg yolk was cooked right on time. 

Is it just me that like to see how the yolk flows down my food then to the plate making a mess?

lol, I sound weird ok. 

Perfect for instagram.

God, I miss the Benedict already. 

Besides that, their burgers also have good reviews but we couldn't order it since it's only available in the noon. We were too early. This isn't brunch, but breakfast. Their rosemary meringue is also well-known but I had to save my tummy for the better.

With Lilian's pot of tea, lol.

and ,

let me end this post with a group picture!