Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ril's Bangsar.

Taking a break from my Melbourne posts because I need time to compile the pictures. I took around 1k+ pictures just in a week , and that's after I deleted those that couldn't be seen. 

Back to two months ago ( woah, so long ago lol) , I visited Ril's Bangsar with Kev's recommendation of their good steaks. So we decided to head there to give it a try , just right everyone leave. They have two outlets , so we chose to head to the one in Bangsar because it's nearer to us.

Romantic interior with dim lights .

They have live band upstairs too but it's depending on which day. I visited Ril's on a Wednesday. 

With the complimentary starters consist of oat buns which I presumed to be and four different kind of butters which I am madly in love with. Normally they just serve one kind of salted butter, but these four kinds gives your taste buds a surprise if you consume it with the bun. 

Now, the quote ' keep things simple seem legit' .

My favorite one is vegetarian one - which is in green colour that reminds me of algae . haha.

here comes the main of the visit.

Porterhouse steak.

Ordered a 1.2kg Australian Porterhouse for the three of us which is price at RM19/100g .

I think it was really good. I am never a fan of steak because I am lazy. Yes, I am lazy to cut and I cut it very loudly as if I'm cutting the plate below. The texture of the steak was really fine , with the gravy comes with it give the taste another star for the steak. I can't say that this is the best steak I've tasted cos' personally, I love Fuego's one better. It meet up to my expectation though. 

You have another choice of ordering Tomahawk with the price of RM24/100gm and perhaps, that will be my next try if I were to revisit Ril's. 

We also order more sidelines to go with our steak ;

Truffled Mash Potato at RM14 ;
which was so good. 

My love for potatoes is really strong, and I like how soft the potatoes are. They don't have a gravy to go with it and it's already awesome. Perhaps the butter and milk make a way out. 

Spinach at RM 14.

I never had spinach cooked with such mild gravy. It's not soup, but gravy. I think it's really good and of course, healthy. It tasted exactly like the butter I had which go with the bun as starters.

Sauteed Mushrooms at RM16

I love this the best. Unfortunately, the portion is a little small. Why do they always serve mushroom in such small portion? ):

Steak can never go well without red wine , so we ordered a bottle. The price range between the wine is from RM90-200 ; at your choice. We chose Cabernet because sweetness is more important than anything else. 

You can see that dinner was good. 

Half tipsy even before we start to dig into the goodness. 

To think back, it was definitely a good night. 

Definitely growing up together since we are primary kids. Thanks for paying the bill, Kev. haha.

It was a great night with good food. The wine was just fine , but it didn't matter since it's just something that goes well with the main. The music they play works with the theme of jazz which made the whole environment more comfortable. 

It was a great dinner at Ril's. 

signing off with my tipsy red face.

love xx.