Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Burger Lab.

Cheers to naked face and fringe up.

I am seriously letting myself too loose in uploading pictures online. I literally don't care and just let myself loose. I don't even edit my picture sometimes. I'm getting lazier each day.

My sister wanted to try Burger Lab since forever . So, we went there.

I went down to queue , exactly at 5pm where it opens. This is just madness. There are really people queuing before the shop open. And, you don't know how much I whined and complain to whoever whom is standing at the side of me. The sun was shining right on my face and ugh. I wouldn't get all grumpy if the sun wasn't there. I remember how I said I won't queue for this. And, I guess this would be my first and last time because I really don't want the sun. 
While, it would be a different story if I queue with my friends - WITHOUT the sun.

Grandma asked my aunty to take this picture because they know how much I hate to do this kind of thing.


Oh well... I lost in scissors paper stone so.. T_____________T

The line was moving really fast though. I think in less than 15 minutes, I get to place my order. Actually I already feel excited once I step into the shop - maybe the sun is not there anymore. 

The place is all filled up! I'm really glad that there a few people who stands there and find places for us. And of course, their job is too shoo people away after finish their food. As for me and my fam, we go after we finished. I really don't wanna hog onto the table like an asshole.




I ordered the A+ Beef Set.

A la carte for A+ Beef Burger is RM15

If you make it a set - which includes a bottomless soda and fries , it's RM 21

So you just need to top up RM6 to make it a set which I think you should. I will NEVER say no to fries. The bottomless drink is good too but I'm not into soda drinks so, I chose ice lemon tea. Oh well, you will have to refill your own drinks. 

And different kind of orders have different prices which goes up to RM23 for the burger only. So it actually depends on what you want to order. My table have different burgers but I don't bother to snap every picture because it looks all the same with charcoal bread.

Oh well, now I think it's find to line up for it because it's pretty good. I can't say that it's the BEST I have tasted but it's really nice. 

My ahma like it also! That means, it's a MUST try. Tbh, she actually think that it's yummy until she find out the price lol. 

Must camwhore with the burger to prove that you had it , wtf.



I swear that this is a candid after my aunty call me. 

It's pretty pricey for a set of burger but it's worth a try. 

till then.