Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tipsy Brew Coffee .

I noticed that , my update consisting of food , restaurants and fashion always receive more view counts compared to my outings and such. I'm glad that you guys actually scroll back to the previous post which I have updated months ago. I didn't expect some of them to get 200 view and categorized at the most popular post. 

Since you guys like to see food so much, I'll eat more - muahhaahah!

I've received email about some questions about losing weight , and I honestly don't think I'm eligible to talk about it - yet. I mean, look at me .. still surrounded by fats and all. 

Oh well,
this update is about the other day I hung out with Xiuming , whom recently come back to blogging ( link at the side) for brunch. 

It was supposed to be breakfast until I woke up late, thinking that I was so late until I reached her house realizing that she is still sleeping. I think both of us have a habit of sleeping late so yeah.

We settled at Setiawalk - and I love that place alot!

Settled down at Padi House , both of us ordered the same set lunch .

Mushroom soup.

Spaghetti Bolognese .

Besides these two , they serve ice lemon tea which was so sweet. It's only around RM16++ if I'm not mistaken. It was good for lunch. Not too light nor heavy. I love how the portion come just right in size. 

What do you think with my face with just BB cream. I was rushing so no eyeliner. I have double eyelid since forever and I have no idea how people would ask me whether I had eye surgery done. 

lol , seriously?

Look at our teeth.

Of course, I would make noise for coffee break to ease my tummy. Caffeine does help in losing weight but of course, over taking is not good. 

Xiu Ming brought me to Tipsy Brew Coffee.

You don't know how blessed am I to have friends who love coffee break as much as I do. In desperate measures, I do go coffee break alone. It wasn't just for my addiction of caffeine - it's also a way of me to relax and take a break for the whole day to listen to slow music and have a sip of coffee. 


Forever choosing Cappucino. 

I guess the price was around RM 9?

And they failed in their coffee art.

Pretty coffee art makes me happy! :)

The carrot cake is gooood. 

The cream cheese is so good and I ate everything. So much for diet wtf.

And of course, 
Our never fail camwhore session for instagram purpose and future purposes to laugh at our old times. I swear we do that so much. 

I suddenly realize how alike we look wtf.

The best picture we have took and we both post the same on instagram! :)

And lastly,

My #ootd .

Oh well, I still can't afford a KENZO yet. I'll save and buy it asap!