Monday, December 27, 2010


Oh , hey (; !

I'm here to blog about what I've done during
Christmas eve and Christmas.
As you know, I'm not a 'word' kind of person
so probably pictures will do the talking.

I've been sticking to Kpop lately.
First , I like SS501 and nao, I think I like UKISS.
Okay fine , I only like one person in UKISS.
Ah DongHo! He's 20 days younger than me
so I can't call him Oppa. Such a turn off pfft.
But, he's really cute. Google his pictures or something.
I'm too lazy to post it up here , or maybe
next entry or something .

Check out Ukiss Man Man HaNi Music Video.
The one with red hair which have a shape like a shit,
cutest face that is standing infront is him.
Don't fall in love with him ah, kill you. RAWR.

Christmas Eve.

Woke up at 3pm -.-
And then leave the house around , 4pm or later.

In the cab.

Reached and then meet ze people up.
Eat pepper lunch and it was good, really.
Then , walk around. Grabbed a shoe from
cotton on and to be honest, it's a good buy.
Ah , perhaps I should go back and buy all colours :p

Don't know how ended up at Snowflakes .

Went to shop around , walked around Pavillion.
Then decided to head to Fahrenheit 88

Toilet break.

MUAHAHHAA. outside the toilet.

To be honest,
Fahrenheit isn't happening at all.
So we decided to leave
and walk around the streets .

Many people selling christmas hat and stuff.
And the crowd is just simply horrible.

Got our way back to Pavi
and then squeeze through the crowd.
The bubbles which act as fake snow
makes the crowd even worse.
Ah, I really wanna celebrate Christmas in snow tho :(

Settled down at Al Amar, at the top floor of pavi.
High class arab restaurant , omg.



Blaaaa , my hair colour.

As the time gets later,
the crowd get worse.

People performing downstairs and yes, how awesome (;
Nobody Nobody but chuuuu ~ :D

oh hey (;

don't ask.

The boys went to have dinner
and we ze girls talked about life and those.
It's great. I like doing these kind of things.
All these heart to heart talk thing.
Well :D

Then we don't know what's wrong with us
to walk at the streets.
We are like putting ourselves in trouble , mg.


Got sprayed for no reason for so many times.
Hair and body was so sticky. Ah D:

Settled down at Starbucks.

Then chitchat for awhile
then get back to pavi.

And while we were walking back it's already
2am. But the streets is still noisy.
The spraying mood still going on.

Quah And I slept over at Mingli's.
We reached her house around 3 something in the morning
and then both of them went to sleep
while I stayed up for Fugitive Plan B.

Headed off to MidV .
Had breakfast at Din Dai Feng.

Was so exhausted.
Then headed to Pyramid with KTM :D
Public transport!!

Then Quah teach us how to take the one buck bus
to Pyramid. Ah, this is so cool omg :D

It's just one buck. I repeat. FREAKING ONE BUCK :D hehe.

don't ask why so excited.

Quah went home.
Ming and I went and sing.
Repeated SS501 songs like mad :D

Home around 530pm.
I went to sleep around 6pm.

Sound so hectic aite.

But it was all good , for me.

Sometimes , we should learn how to respect other people. And people like you should learn how to stand at people's side and think. If there are people agreeing whatever you have said about me means you're right but I don't think there are. If I'm bossy and unreasonable, what are you? And if really I'm bossy and unreasonable, I still have the reason to. I don't stand strong for whatever I say it's right means it's right. I'm not you. You're disgusting. I never thought that you're beautiful Never will.
You guess what ,
I never liked you.
But without me , you'll have to sing 'I'm a loner'.