Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Bean Bag.


This is another food post for you guys. I went to Red Bean Bag & Coffee Societe on the same day but I've decided to separate them into two posts so it's easier for you guys to search. 

Girls and I supposed to be in Sunway Giza for a restaurant but I guess, it closed down so #fuckourlives . Then we ended up at Publika again. It's no joke when I say that I go to publika more often than bangsar now.  Just by sorting out my pictures have made me realized how much I have spent this month and it hurts.

I normally order a portion and share it with my girls. Normally we can't finish our food and I don't think anyone would wanna pay more and waste food, so we always settle it like this. 

Big Breakfast at RM28

It was all good but there is not enough mushroom. I cannot explain how much I love mushroom. I think antipodean serve the best Big Breakfast so far. 

Skyscraper at RM 22.

I swear that this is the fluffiest and yummiest pancake I have ever tasted so far. I thought that they exaggerated the texture of the pancake in the description right under the title of this dish , but no. It is indeed fluffy enough to make us look at each other, with the most exaggerate expression you could imagine. 

A must try!

I'm not a fan of chocolate so I took the middle pancakes instead of the top one. 

It's so yummy, it deserves more photos.

My girls and I upload the same picture of the pancake on insta because we need to tell the world how yummy is this TT

Till then.