Sunday, August 4, 2013

Celine WHO alone.


I've realized that It have been a quite sometime I really do a blogpost for my own blogshop. I never even talk about how the concept of SWAG-R come along and why did I started it. I have planned to but I guess, I was just too lazy to do all the typing.

Anyways, what do you think about my new lipgloss colour? 

The picture on top!

Celine me Alone

I don't think you will be familiar with this basic tee if you follow fashion post on facebook and insta. It's one of the most basic and fashionable item you must have in your wardrobe. 

Looking back at my older post, I never really like tees until this year. Aside from I could fit into a body hugging tee now , the tshirt trend have come back fast this year together with crop top or oversize. I'm pretty sure many girls have crop top and oversize. For myself, I don't think anyone wanna see my tummy so NO for crop top. And oversize would make me look bigger since my legs are not long and slim enough. I don't really wear heels either so it's a no no.

I would choose a comfortable fitting tee inside , and to make sure all the fats from my back and all around wouldn't show up.

So, I've decided to bring in Basic to Raqul Reed now .

And of course one of my favorite of the recent updates is the 

Celine Me Alone tee!

Pictures from

And ,
I got some coordinates from the web to explain how useful this tshirt is because you can wear it with anything and still look so damn fashionable!

Sweet & Sporty.

Elegantly swag.

Vintage and Simple.

Sexy and Hot.

I always think tshirt is too casual and if it's pair with just jeans , it makes me feel like I'm going to a market and not respect an occasion. I think it's a respect to the person you're hanging out with if you dress nicely. 

Oh well, it's just a personal opinion.

So I chose the black one instead of white. I wouldn't want to flaunt my flaws even more. I think choosing the correct clothes that fits you is actually more important than the clothes you like you see on other people. It would definitely make you look better if it suits you. 

Super casual coordinate that didn't even fit into the four examples of how to match the tee from above! 

I just clash all of them up , haha.

You name this style. 

This was my #ootd to KLCC the other day with my fam to do some shopping.

And not to forget ,
must have coffee break!

The cappucino is to die for!

Must try ok!

Oh well, there goes my simple thoughts about a piece of cloth from my own blogshop, Raqul Reed.

There are more details up on RAQUL REED . ( ps click on the name)

Celine who alone?

Celine YOU alone.

grabbb .