Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getaway with my girls #2


Back with day 2 updates of my getaway with my girls to Langkawi! Oh, I forget to mentioned that we stayed in Federal Villa which is actually inside of Holiday villa. Mingli actually bought the hotel room 2 days before we head to langkawi and seriously, that's yolo. If we didn't get the room, we will probably be sleeping on the beach or at the roadside feeding mosquitoes. 

Oh well, you only live once!


Simple american breakfast!


Yogurt with mixed fruits.

I swear this is so gooooood!


Zhiwei being Zhiwei !


After breakfast, we went back to the room and changed. Put on the sunblock and there we go to the beach! 

What do you think of my heart shape shades?



It was windy and this is the first time I didn't sweat lying on the chair at the beach. It was cozy and comfy that we even take naps. It was even better with the beer we have bought but my bottle dropped half way , letting the sand suck them all up TT





Gosh , we look so bimbooo!





Mingli and I got matching heart shape shades! :)


Us at the beach on vacation~


We washed up and chill in our room for a while before heading to dins. We actually skipped lunch and munched on our snacks and beers all the way. Not to mention, we were on the beach for 6 freaking hours!

I avoided the sun as much as I can and use the sun spray with spf 130 so I didn't get tan or anything. But my cheeks were pretty red and my skin got worse. So I guess, that's what you get in order to relax. 


Mini photshoot at the beach before the sun sets. 

White sand, people. 

Come to Langkawi instead of Pangkor .



Emotional enough anot~ 





I really love backless dress nowadays!




So intstagram feel but not gonna be up on mine because my feet are huge -.-


My photographer! :)


LIKE X1000000




Genuine smile.



I couldn't explain how much I love the beach :)


Look at the emo dude sitting on the beach alone , waiting for the sun to set. But this is so beautiful, don't you think so.

Just by looking at pictures already make me miss the place.

Missing all the relaxation.

sigh, till then.