Monday, August 19, 2013

At the Tea Lounge .

I haven't been looking so feminine and girly since forever.

 I even have comments of me making people feel weird that I do over girly and feminine stuff. I guess, I'm that independent and manly inside that my friends couldn't put me and white lace together. I feel so speechless when my sister shakes her head immediately when she see me in a white lace babydoll dress. 

And I guess, 
being all girly and soft isn't my style.

I think I'd prefer to be myself. 

& I'm really a man inside - you should check out my voice ... and I don't think I would ever want to reveal it online or on my instagram , unless I'm going all out.

I dress up based on where I go , and occasionally. I always think that dressing up for the correct occasion is important. Other than looking good and in sync in pictures, for instagram purpose. I think it's a kind of rule I have set for myself. Even if there's outings with my friends, I would make sure I dress decent enough to see them. To me, that's a form of respect.

Something is lacking in this picture , though. 



My girls and I finally sort our dates to go for a hi-tea together after discussing it since forever. 

We settled down at Majestic Hotel.

I wanted the Tea Lounge. I would like to be surrounded by flowers instead of looking at the boring walls. I swear that you feel like a princes when you step in the room. It's so beautiful ; too good to be true. And I didn't expect the room to be cold. I always thought that it was outdoor. 

It's too pretty, I swear.

And this is the set for two. 

Each of us have a pot of refillable English tea , in the very cute and high class pot. I really like how every detail makes me feel different. 

Two of us can't finish it . This is actually my first meal of the day because I can never wake up early. I swear, it's more filling than you think.


It's RM88++ per person , if you want to dine in at the tea lounge. And if I'm not mistaken, it's RM68++ at the normal hall. 

of course in such nice ambiance, I have to take some selfie to prove that I'm having the time of my life there to make people jealous wtf. As if noone had been there before. 


That's the best I could go , of being all girly and dreamy. 

Or maybe , this is more suitable for me.

Gosh, that hand gesture contain too much of swagness and violence spoiling the whole dreamy feel. 

I swear that we do all the most embarrassing thing in that place, making the next table of aunties looking at us as if we are monkeys.

I'm really glad that my friends are wild , young and free. We seriously don't care how people look at us, and laugh like there's only us on this earth. Despite how good we dress and where we are, some things never change lol. 

My bitch and I really take the best 'best friend' photo together. I should have just collage them but I'm lazy -.-


She started blogging too. Now go stalk her, you stalkers!

And mingli...

I took picture with her with the tea set but I look like a complete shit . I don't think I can let it to be up here to kill the dreamy effect so, that's her - at the back ... 

Group picture .

Realize how Bernice & Ming go all black and white while Zhiwei & I go all pastel floral, trying hard to be so girly..


I tried ):

This is my #ootd.

It's actually my sister's dress. I don't think I would dare to buy such dress and wear it to anywhere. I think if it's leopard print, I might considered it. 


That sums up my day with the girls, for hi-tea. 

I bet there are more session to come. I wish XiuMing was there with us too then we could get a perfect group picture.