Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getaway with my girls #1


Just pictures and simple quotes about my getaway with the girls . 

Getaway means a vacation from reality, from our usual self-routine at home , in college or life. It's to relax our mind and body to not think about anything but to feel completely let go. Growing up making us getting close to the society , to accept the differences of life which we didn't know living under the shield our family provided. And before any journey begins or any hard edges that we have been through, we decided to spend sometime together .

Just us , the closest to carry our soul to another place to let everything go  even if it's just 3days.


Look at how bad my eyebags is. I was over-excited that I can't sleep the night before and Zhiwei have to jump on my bed to wake me up. Javachip was still good without whipped cream :)


Airport fashion with my pink old navy slippers wtf.



Mingli , Xiuming , ME! and Zhiwei.



As useless as it seems , the moment we step on the island . We asked the cab driver to bring us to duty free shop and grab everything. From super cheap snacks and cheap to alcohol. Was sad that Moet ran out of stock and we don't want any hard liquor so we settled with beer!

Corona was RM4 per bottle . 


And, hoegarden was RM3.50 .

Too cheap, I kenot- 



It was already 8pm and the sky is still like this. 

It's so beautiful, isn't it?

I love how pastel the colour of the sky is. 

Gosh, this is life.


My backless summer dress which I have bought at the beginner of the year. Now, I can finally fit in them yay!


Best friend portrait by the beach because we both don't have boyf . wtf








Soft sand, cool breeze and beautiful sky.



Bad pictures of our dinner. 

The seafood fried rice was so good!



So many drinks~


Outfit of the night. 



I really love this dress and I wonder where I could wear it to, next time.


Chilling by the pool with my girls. I swear we just feed the mosquitoes. But it didn't matter because we were so into the topic we talk about.

Our conversation made us realized that we are really growing up. We used to talk about boys and dramas among people but right now, we talked about the society and politics. I'm not joking. We just realized that there is so many more things for us to care about than feelings. 

To think back, we were really naive.


Ending the night with beer and more snacks to get fat .

& this is the first day.

I assumed you not reading every word but just looking at the pictures , lol.