Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coffee Societe

So this is a continuous from the previous because I want more quantity in blogpost. 

This time, 
I head to Coffee Societe for coffee break.

My beautiful coffee art on top of my cappucino with baby blue cup. 

It actually matched my mini dress , in colour. I bought this floral dress from BKK for only 100baht :) 

Suddenly, I feel that my Ip4s is doing wonders.

Why does all my coffee picture look so beautiful and I look like shit when I'm camwhoring? I love my phone so much but they love me more then coffee. #fml

The three of us ordered cappucino! Oh well, cappucino is the best out of all anyways. 

It's RM 7 per cup, I supposed which is REALLY affordable and honestly, it really good.

Continuous shots by my Bernice Tay Tay! :)

And more coffee art pictures I took. I just need to post them all up because it look so artistic and beautiful. Weichan and I couldn't stop comparing our coffee art. I really can't explain how crazy my friends and I are sometimes. We just do the weirdest things and find the joy out of it. 

Oh well, little things in life.

Drink coffee also so pretty...

life's unfair TT

And the pictures we took with our lousy phone. I think we need someone who owns an ip5 out everytime. Too lazy to bring cameras.


Before I sign off,

How beautiful.