Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch up.

My college mates finally came down to KL after me complaining and whining the way through. Sorry that I am fluttering myself. They actually came down to check up on the Unis they want to head to. We managed to find a time to have a dinner together despite how pack their schedules are.

Ah, so blessed.

We settled down at the Bee, Publika.

It's one of my favorite restaurant in Publika and not to mention that the price is really affordable . I used to go to Bangsar so often but right now, it's like Publika all the way. If I'm lazy, I'll head to Setiawalk. Too much cafes for me to try out. 

And of the reason why The Bee is my favorite place because, it has 


I was so greedy that I requested for two sets of Churros . One set contains 4 sticks and it's RM9 . You can choose two toppings , nutella chocolate and caramel. We got both. 

NO to Nutella for me but the other girls was going gaga over it. I love the caramel one. I always love caramel! 


Jacinth's Polaroid.

It was quite freaky because it's the 'time' of the year . We were looking at each other with eyes wide like this  O.O when we took two and nothing came out. Just blank and white. 

Vita's Queen pose, lol.


I bet this dress is really familiar to you guys. I already seen more than 3 people wearing this dress from fb/instagram . I bought it at RM80 and the last time I went back to kitschen, it's like 70% off. I couldn't explain how pissed I am, gr.



My chitalian friend! :)

Then we went over to Mamak Anderson , to chill and shisha. 

It was a great dinner and night catching up with the girls. This dinner make me realized how near I am before stepping into working life. It feels like we just met in Taylor's yesterday and right now, we are heading to Uni already. 

Time flies , huh?

So appreciate people around you because you don't know who would be leaving soon. I believe that not everyone is that hardworking to keep in touch. I have a few cases myself and it really did breaks my heart. 
Oh well,
We shouldn't have time for people who don't have time for us. 

Till then.

I could finally fit in this after 3 months of purchasing it.