Saturday, July 12, 2014

SS19 Pan Mee.

I never really blog about chinese food or hawker stall because every hawker stall seems the same to me. Every hawker stall will have economic rice, wantan mee , pork noodles, curry mee , chicken rice and claypot noodles. Don't you just realize that? It's like a combi in chinese hawker stall that they must have if not they fail!!! 


But this time this hawker stall located at SS19 is different. Restaurant Lian Heng (typical two word chinese name for the stall , lol) only has economic rice, char koay teow and pan mee stall which is actually has limited varieties for family to choose for morning brunch or people for lunchtime. 

Either way, it's always full especially in the morning

because of 

the famous pan mee!

I just need this to be up on my blog because it's actually the second best pan mee I had in my whole freaking life. Of course, the first place always goes to my ah ma's pan mee. 

They beat face to face, chilli pan mee , jojo or whatever pan mee shop you can find on the streets flat!

And what more is, they are only rm5 per bowl. 

Tell me where to find this goodness for rm5 around the town? 

So I have to recommend this! 

They have two choices - the dry one and the one with soup based. Either way, it's both good. I tasted both on the same day , and god I couldn't make up my mind which is better. I swear, I'm not exaggerating.

This is the dry dish.

Look at the generous portion of toppings they give. 

One thing about pan mee is, I always like it when where they pinch it. The noodles form gives a different kind of feeling. Maybe, it's because I have pinched pan mee since young made by my grandma so I never really fancy those in noodle form.

Super delicious soup based.

Like I say, I couldn't choose between both because they are equally good. I can say that the dry one has a heavier taste compare to the soup based one. 

I give 6 stars out of 5 for this bowl of authentic chinese dish. You can barely find yummy pan mee anywhere. It's located near Lick Hung, at SS19. 

you need to give it a try. tell me if you like it.