Friday, August 9, 2013

Red Tomato in Langkawi.

Back here for the last day of my langkawi trip.

We slept at 6am so, we woke up just for the sake of checking out. We were supposed to go for a morning swim but plan failed.

We went over to duty free shop to grab what we want to. I was the one being all choosy when it comes to alcohol so I made the other three starve while waiting for me. My family is very into alcohol. I actually bought 4 bottles back including my favorite champagne, Moet. 

I really wanted to buy the Moet rose but I guess, I can only go for the normal ones because I want to buy red wine.

We didn't to bother to walk further and so we stopped by the nearest restaurant.

Before I head to Langkawi, I actually read reviews of where to dine and what to do. 

We settled in Red Tomato Restaurant and Bistro which get pretty good reviews .

The ambiance was good . 

I have a thing for candle light and not fine dining place. It's pretty romantic to have brunch with candlelight , haha. So, they serve western food. I  didn't expect it to be in this standard with a tomato name for the restaurant wtf. Call me , judgmental. 

But I really love how westernized the menu is and how good the ambiance is.

Couldn't stop staring at this cutie next door. So adorable!

It almost drove us all nuts when the food was so slow! When it came, we were so glad that it was self-made instead of them buying from the stores. Took a sip of Zhiwei's wild mushroom soup and god... it was so damn good. I would definitely pay 10bucks for that. 

The pizza that we shared with additional of pepperoni and mushrooms. It was pretty big in portion and even three of us have it, we still left a piece there. The cheese was so gooood and filling.

This have to be a sharing portion.

Dimlights oh dimlights . 
You still can't ignore the good ingredients.

Aside of pizza I shared, I ordered " Fisherman's favorite." contained with seafood with potatoes and cheese .

Cheese and potatoes is gonna kill me.

I don't take cheese ever since I start to lose weight but I guess, I totally ignore that. Who cares about them when I have been hogging like a pig since we land on the island!

It was RM16 and it's good!


Then we head to the airport and our flight got delayed. 

After all, it was overwhelming since beginning of day one.

I'm so glad that we didn't sight see or anything in this trip . It was just us , the beach and snacks. It was so relax. Honestly this is only call a vacation. I really hate when people tie me with plans on where to go or what to do. I've always prefer freedom. 

And this trip is utterly cheap because we planned it months ahead.

I hope that we can go on a vacation like this every year for a getaway from everything.

One of the best trip so far , with the closest because there's no restrain or anything.

Love you girls so much.