Friday, October 12, 2012

It just feel so right.

I'm back to update the long post with the pictures I have in my phone and trust me that, my phone have nothing much other than my face. So beware - don't worry lah, I won't literally post up pictures which is too ugly to scare you off. Can't wait till it turn 40000 views , though. 

So this was me and my GDTOP hoodie having some emo moment. Okay fine lah, I purposely ask my sister to take this for me in other to get some nice emo picture for instagram but MingLi was making me laugh. Too lazy to edit so B&W it is!

And I can have big eyes too! You have no idea how good my hair was that day. It's sad now, it had gone brownish-red instead of purplish-red.  Once my hair turn light brown, I'll get my ass back to the saloon and recolor it and everytime their suggestion links with red based. I guess I can only go along with brown and red TT

I swear they are original filter. What do you think about my new cons?

And then after more than an hour, finally got our ass off my house to UNCLE JANG! This was almost a month ago. Thinking how irony it is to have us still keeping in touch after 12 years of knowing each other. Omg, we literally went from little girls to hitting puberty and here we are now wtf. It's so scary to think of knowing someone not blood related to you for more than a decade and keep in touch. I can't even imagine how my life is without her - seriously. I even feel that things are going wrong if I don't see her for 4 days - max . Wtf, why am I such a clingy bitch TT

And say hello to us! 

Favorite picture ! :D

And the other day , attempting with pancakes.

It was finished in less than an hour * insert proud smiley." 
I can cook! 

Those thick face moments trying to promote for Raqul Reed. Oversize boyf tee in Blue!

camwhore moments with new flashies from Korea without any eyeliner but just fake lashes!

It's really different with and without false lashes. I look like a total different person and of course, I look better. I mean, it makes me feel more confident. The power of make up is no joke.

Don't tell me stuff like natural beauty or girls without make up is always the prettiest 
it's all lies.

Cawmhoring with my varsity with my fringe up. Never like to put my fringe up infront of cameras but I guess it's an exception this time. I was thinking about varsity for Raqul Reed's next update - what do you think?

G labelled - *cough cough* I'm a VIP here.



that's my OOTD!

Cappuccino from Dome for teatime the other day with close friends for some catching up session and trust me, this is the best cappuccino I've ever tasted. How I wish Dome is everywhere TT

This is me when I was three. Dad passed me this picture and said  , " YOU WERE SO CUTE BACK THEN." wtf , how can he say that to hurt my fragile heart TT

No make up !

Was so rebellious with ze sisters that we just walk out of the house at 1 in the morning when there's classes the next day. You have no idea how late we went home but it was worth it.
The disadvantage of having a license :p 

Meet Jessie!

Last week , I have decided to treat Jessie for lunch and end up, choosing Japanese . Didn't want to go to the mall and any further and so , settle down at JyuRaku at SS15 . I like the ambiance at the second floor. It's more quiet and we get to sit in those japanese-like dining tables  , the aircond is dead cold!

Pictures while waiting for the food with my Cartoon Top cover! 


My set! And I change the Udon to Ramen instead. My undying love for Ramen. Somehow, I don't like Korean's Spicy Ramen. I mean, I never really like Korean food no matter how much I like Korean guys LOL.

I look so tired 0:  I hate how my features are so uneven - almost looking retarded.

And currently,
I've got over my law papers. 

I believe that , 
I could actually work harder and get better results. What is done is done right? I just hope I don't fail );

A picture from instagram of mine.

Caramel Macchiato !

What's with me and hot drinks nowadays?

Till then.