Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Front Door.

Back to the days where my jawline was evident. 

This is a post from half a year ago, lol. I found them in my folder and decided to blog about this place which is located at Chinatown. 

It's amazing how coffee and brunch culture goes all the way there. As for me, I wouldn't open a cafe along such vintage streets because they are all tourist and also, people over there prefer chinese local food. However, The Front Door successfully bring this culture over there and blend into the streets.

 It took me awhile to find where The Front Door is located at because their sign is in chinese words .

Every corner screams art. Vintage art.

It's beautiful how they can turn simplicity into an artistic environment. Not to mention that they are using old vintage theme to match with the streets. The whole concept shows lots of effort.

Cappucino at RM9 , which has nothing to shout about. 

I prefer my coffee thicker.

That is the famous chocolate peanut butter mud cake at RM 13, which was too dry. It would be better if it's moist. However the peanut butter cream on top was yummy! The cake wasn't too sweet which was good.

and there's me with a short fringe hahah.

Of course, we tried their famous open up sandwich. They are not just picture worthy, and they're yummy too!

It's RM6 per slice. While RM15 for three slices and RM23 for five slices. 

One is definitely not enough and three isn't enough to try their exclusive types , so we ordered two sets. I swear that my friends and I are dinosaurs when it comes to food. 

I would recommend you to ask the person to explain to you which exclusive flavour that you should try. It depends on whether you want it savoury or serve it as dessert. 

I thought that peanut butter spread with caramelized banana would serve good as a dessert. For savoury, it would be asparagus , with sautéed mushrooms and hard boiled eggs with cream cheese. 

This will be my two favourite out of all the flavours they provide. 

fake candie heheh.

When I say that they are artistic everywhere, I am not lying. Even the alley to the washroom is beautiful. The paintings on the wall were all drawn nicely. At the first glance, you can never thought of it going with a cafe. However, this is what art should be -isn't it? Art shouldn't be understood but appreciate.

outfit of the day.

and lastly, 
quote of the day which was on the wall.

one day you will bloom and be someone else's flower and, be as beautiful as ever.