Friday, January 5, 2018



I don't remember the last time I logged into this space. There are too many pending post and even travelling post which I wish to share is on hold , because I have no time. I am busy - to be caught up with life that I have no extra free time to comprehend my emotions into words.

Compared to the recap of 2016, my 2017 was a little more simple. 

I learnt quite a lot in 2017. And right up till this point, I still wish my 2016 could be replayed all over again. This year, I -

1. I have never questioned myself so many times in my entire life, and still could not find the answer I want. And I realize that, the answer could be no answer because not everything needs an explanation. 

2. I tried outdoor activities-  more than once. ( It's an achievement)

3. I have limited personal space which actually makes me feel a little sad. However, I already found my way out to have my own alone time.

4. I learnt that, just because you bring the good to people , it doesn't mean that they will do good to you. Don't trust people too much, you will get disappointed. 

5. Silence speak louder than words.

6. It is important to leave some space between people - in friendship, in relationship and every aspect of communication between people. 

7.You make the choices, you face the consequences.

8. Not everyone is raised the same way. All of us wants to be understood but nobody wants to be understanding. 

9. I used to not like Japanese food and sushi will be the last craving I have. But my mind changed after I tried Oribe.

10. I broke my own heart a few times this year.

11.  I am slowly learning to be more lenient to myself. There is a 100% change in my lifestyle this year and I am still adapting. So far so good. 

12. I tried not to use alcohol as the solution to feed my emotions - and good news, my alcohol intake decreased.

13. The bad news is, I learn to hide things even better now. I learn to bottle things up and covered it up better. 

14. I started working a while ago.

and lastly, 

15. I fell in love. 

2017 was rather simple , but it changed my life. Not just my habits, but my thinking towards things. It made me a little confuse , and less determined. I used to be very firm with my own decisions and always know what I want. This year, I learnt to not be too hard on myself. 

How about you? 

So far so good?