Monday, March 17, 2014

Tuesday night.

Just a short and random update about girls night out at publika since Sherlin is going back to Melb. It's really funny how being a VIP brought us all together. I told you that the power of Big Bang isn't a joke. I made quite alot of friends which idolize the same group as I do. 

We went to The Social for dinner ;

Nachos never goes wrong.

And ,
the mixed grill which disappoint us because we expected a huge portion with ALOT ALOT of meat.

That wasn't the main point because I am looking towards Barfly since I haven't been there. Everyone claimed that they serve cheap alcohol and always packed , which is pretty true. 

Because I want to look classy so i ordered margarita ,

It's the only drink I like since it has some sweet based.

It was really great that night.

And pictures when we are half tipsy , and everything seems funny ( for me)

Not enough so we ;

Don't ask but we had fun camwhoring.

till then.