Thursday, August 19, 2010

Without words , you can describe me with your love.

Have been flooding my blog with emo post lately
and I guess it matches with my theme, isn't it?
Life's so sad pfft.

I wonder how many people keep repeating that in a day?
Deltarians (;

And I kinda dig these out of nowhere from my folder
and so yeah .

I was studying for second monthly :p

And nao, I know it's a no no to study infront of the mirror again :p

Chemistry so hard !

School's okay , i guess
but I am still flooded with tons of homework
which i have never have any intention to finish.
Or maybe I will just try to get it all done
by this weekend D:

And so, i went out last sunday for a movie.
Okay this was a quite sometime ago
but still , there are too many pictures of my face in it
sooo yeaaaaah :D

Have lunch at italinnies with ze son-in-laws
then to tarbush.
God knows what are we doing there .

And that place always give me a camwhore mood :D

Okay, I have no idea why the make up look so light
when it's like so thick in real life .



son in laws.

Then headed to the cinema around 3 or so.
Got ireland potatos and popcorns, drinks
then to cinema for Inception
and it's really awesome.

a MUST watch movie!

then gene left, so both of us was like wandering round the mall

toilet break!

Couldn't make our mind what's for dinner
and then, spend around an hour to decide
and end up at simply penang and it was good.

back home around 9.

And I have so much things to do tomorrow.

4Delta class party tomorrow.
It may sound like it's something normal
but still, couldn't wait.


p.s results by tomorrow too );