Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pour me doze of atmosphere.

And tomorrow,
Exam's Over

So I am gonna

- Do a proper update for you, readers.
- Go and get a hair cut.
- Plan about hanging outs with ze people.
- Finished up all the homework that I have missed.
- Do pedicure
- Camwhore
- Arrange my clothes properly
- Take my medication after a week
- Take a good night sleep.

Actually i am not sure what am I gonna do but I doubt I will finish up my homework tho. It sucks to skip school for 2weeks and come back to school and gets mountains of homework.Then, get threatened that my coursework mark will be deducted if it is not passed up by the dateline.And you have no idea how tired and sleepy am I after taking medications.I am now here still slacking when exam's tomorrow. My bio textbook is closed infront of me and now, I am here blogging.

So now tell me,
How can I not fail aite?

I miss blogging everyday like how I used to be.And now , I wonder why that I do have time to blog last time and my results aren't as bad as now.Things changed , and I have to live with it. My blog is like my diary. I blogged since std5 and I still wonder , how can I talk like a pathetic lalamui. Please tell me, I improved.Am I making any sense?

My mood is so uneasy and complicated right now :/

I need to go back to my books now.

Bio , Accounts and Maths tomorrow.
Combo kill
I hope I survive .